Does money buy happiness? Can data be stored in five dimensions? What are the dangers of grilled meat? What to think of a 66 year old pregnant woman? Twitting your way to a job and the recipe for perfect happiness. That is, more remarkable stuff with the compliments of Shareholdersunite…

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  1. These might be my favorite posts STP. I don’t know where you dig these little gems up, but they always get my opinion juices flowing.

    Regarding the pregnant 66 year old lady, it makes me wonder what percentage of women over 50 are actually putting this “burden” on society. Perhaps the people that are criticizing these middle aged women, who btw are more likely to be able to provide a stable home evironment, should focus their efforts on adults who have a chemical addiction that are having children.

    These are the kids that are brought into this world that harldy have a chance before they even get started. Through no fault of their own these kids are the ones that have special needs and put a “burden” on society.

    I am not qualified to judge whether the 66 year old woman getting pregnant is right or wrong, but somehow I have to believe that this rare situation is getting way more attention than some of the more urgent pregnancy issues seen in our society.

  2. haha, the Zamboni article should be mandatory reading for all kids in Canada! As a canadian boy I feel shame for not knowing some of those details. šŸ™

  3. In regards to “Money buying happiness” I wonder if it is the opposite to some degree. I know when I was growing up my family struggled to make ends meet for a few years. During that time I would still get a birthday present but it would only be one present that was generally a simple and relatively cheap item, such as a toy car, maybe even one carved from wood.

    But in today’s world I see some of my good friends kids getting 20 or 25 presents. Because they get sooo many presents they appreciate less and the event becomes more about quantity than quality.

    But on the flip side financial independence must bring some kind of happiness as you no longer have to abide by someone else’s schedule and demands.

    Hard to say, I can see both sides of picture, personally for me I guess I have to say that being around my friends, family and my better half Vicky is where I find the most contentment in my life.

  4. Yea, the question is, would you wanna have a 7o year old mum? On the other hand, 70 is the new 50, haha.

    They have Zambonis even in the Netherlands, were speedskating is like the national sport, sort off.

    Always difficult to determine causation when there is a good correlation. Happy people earn more, we would say (actually, we remember we’ve seen research that indicated as such). But having roots, family, friends, a community life, that seems to count for most. In the absence of those, one can always take a cat though.. šŸ™‚

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