InterOil’s Jackpot

It’s there, very uncomfortable for the few remaining shorts..

There is an oil column, we don’t yet know how large it is, and from comments from Wayne Andrews we know that porosity is not the problem, but from the few DSTs there have been, we no that so far permeability is a problem. The oil so far doesn’t flow enough, yet.

But it’s there..

Which means, even if further drilling and testing of Antelope1 doesn’t reveal better permeability in the lower sections and even if the well can’t be treated to increase the flow, we know it’s something that will pop up in other wells. So even if, ultimately, Antelope1 doesn’t prove successful in delivering a producable oil leg, we know there is an oil leg, and it might very well produce at other locations.

We would argue that this is another uncomfortable truth for those stubborn shorts to handle..

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  1. Some appear and disappear. Like the Three Stooges,Howard, Sam and Barry. They learned like Eric Sussman has.

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