Update on some of the stocks we’re following

More good performance..

All our 2009 recommendations can be seen here.

China Green Agriculture (CGA).

We’ve only suggested a purchase at $6.5 two days ago, and already we’re above $8. And what’s more, so far the volume is very high..

Manas Petroleum (MNAP)

After an earlier profitable trade we suggested a speculative buy at 28 cents. So far, that’s working pretty well also, we’re approaching 60 cents.. Be careful though, we can’t guarantee that they will strike oil in Kyrgyzstan, were Santos, their farming out partner, is about to commence drilling. On the other hand, the five properties they have worldwide is quite a nice collection, and with rising oil prices that should provide some protection.

For instance, from the Manas’ presentation May 6, 2009, Scott Pickford evaluated net to Manas Kyrgyzstan property as 182 US$MM (EMV 10) at US$ 35/bbl. They say a $10/bbl increase in the oil price represents an approximate $290 million and $73 million increase to the Unrisked NPV and EMV10, respectively.

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  1. July 02, 2009
    Drilling update on north ayzar number 1 well


    Drill and survey 8-1/2″ intermediate hole from 1559 m to current depth of 1734 m

  2. 1860 m reached


    The North Ayzar-1 well has been drilled to a Total Depth of 1860m. The
    objective Palaeocene section was intersected structurally high to prognosis,
    and minor hydrocarbon shows were encountered in some thin sandstone beds
    between 1700 and 1735m. The well is currently being logged, and evaluation
    will be complete by the end of the week. The rig will then be moved to the
    Soh permit area, to drill the Huday Nazar-1 well.

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  3. From MSGBRDinfo on IV board:Re: LABS Still Puking Out Huge Lots of Manas
    I got an unsolicited call from Dr Watsons office in S Fla. The following info was made available.

    1 Neal Meadl was voted off the board at the annual meeting.
    2 It is believed that he has been a major seller of his holdings estimated at more than a million shares
    3 The timing was unfortunate because the news from the first well in Krygstan was released and caused confusion.
    4 The Krygstan well had a 30 foot zone of oil shows. This does not mean its a dry hole. The question is whether the flows will be sufficient to invest infrastruture for production or in other words be a profitable well

    5 This part is highly speculative . They are saying that the Soros Group has invested money independently for Gustavson to do some ALBANIA estimates in addition to their original work. SOROS is an active investor world wide and his background might indicate an interest in investing in Albania now that ITS future is more positive. It is posssible but not verified that Soros is involved in the venture negotiations. It is als believed that Santos may also have an interest in expanding the relationship to Albania.

    6 There is a possibility that Manas could be granted another block in A LBANIA which would increase p50 resevve potential significantly.

    All of the above from a 20 minute conversation. If anyone has heard differently or has also heard similar notes please pass on.

    I have chosen to use weakness to add a few thousand more shares between .45 and .49. CHEERS and Good luck. Its better to be lucky than smart when you choose to speculate.

  4. msgbrdinfo posted:
    July 16, 2009
    Rig moved to 2nd well


    The well was drilled to 1860 mRT, approximately 49m into the Palaeozoic carbonates. The deep objective section all came in high (between 75 and 90m high to prognosed horizon depths). We believe we have a valid structural closure.

    The well encountered minor hydrocarbon shows, with potential thin intervals of flushed oil pay in the objective sandstones, however, for several technical reasons it was not possible to log beyond 1595 mRT.

    In the absence of the Bed III sandstones (pinched out over crest of structure) and the interpreted lack of commercial potential reservoir thickness in the Bed IV and V intervals (based on mudlog and GR interpretation), a decision was made to plug and abandon the well (sub-commercial oil).

    However, we believe that the well is a technical success as it provide some important insights into the prospectivity of the Tajik acreage. The rig is currently being P & A’d prior to moving to the Huday Nazar location (estimated spud timing 2nd week August).

    SPC is currently working on a post well audit which will be released early next week.

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  5. MANAS PETROLEUM CORP. : http://www.manaspetroleum.com/ : Update

    Drilling update – Overview on Huday Nazar-1


    Prognosed Total Depth: 2400m.

    Prospect: The primary targets are the conventional Palaeogene and Cretaceous reservoirs in a sub-thrust faulted four-way dip closure between 1700 and 2400m . Minor oil was also recovered during testing of the Palaeogene sandstones in the over-thrust secondary Palaeogene objectives between 300 and 400m in wells drilled in the 1960s . The western upside area of closure of the Huday Nazar prospect also partly underlies the eastern extent of the North Rishtan oil and gas field, which produces oil and gas from Cretaceous and Jurassic reservoirs.

    It is expected that the well will take 35 days to drill, spudding is planned for the second week of August.

    Copyright © 2009 by Manas Petroleum Corp. All rights reserved worldwide.

    For more information, send questions and comments to info@manaspetroleum.com
    This page was created on Mon Jul 20, 2009 at 7:51:18 AM Pacific Time.

  6. BIG FARMOUT AGREEMENT JUST ANNOUNCED AT 8:50am- Should provide some support
    Manas Signed an Extended Farmout Term Sheet for 6 Blocks in Albania

    Jul 21, 2009 08:49:00 (ET)

    BAAR, Switzerland, July 21, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ — Manas Petroleum Corporation today announces that its wholly owned subsidiary, DWM Petroleum AG, signed an extended farmout term sheet covering Blocks A, B, D, E, 2 and 3 in Albania to a finance group of international oil and gas investors. Both parties have agreed to keep the terms confidential until the signing of a shareholders’ agreement.

    Erik Herlyn, Chief Executive Officer of Manas Petroleum Corp. said: “With this farmout, Manas could both lift the large exploration potential of blocks A, B, D and E and additionally drill a well to appraise the Sphiragu discovery in blocks 2 and 3.” This farmout is consistent with Manas` core strategy of acquiring major oil and gas licenses for prospective under-thrust structures and then limiting the financial burdens and risks associated with the exploration and development.

    Manas was awarded Blocks A, B, D and E on December 26, 2007 and has explored the blocks since. Portions of Blocks A, B, D and E are now drill-ready. Blocks 2 and 3 were previously explored by Occidental Petroleum, including a 5000 meter deep discovery well in 2001. The council of ministers ratified the production sharing contract for Blocks 2 and 3 to DWM Petroleum on July 8th 2009. Following the award of Blocks 2 and 3, data regarding Occidental’s discovery were made available and the Company is currently preparing a 51-101 compliant estimate of the discovery. The farmout is subject to the execution of a final agreement with the farm-out partner.

  7. MSGINFO posted on IV board :Soros rumored in Albania and PNG:
    Re: wierd…almost looks like someone is dumping 10K shares every at the ask every 3 to 4 minutes. FIRE SALE!! eom
    I’m wondering if the selling was us retail investors selling on news or another insider dumping or a little bit of both. ???

    I admit it caught me by surprise considering that the PR most probably means they will be drilling in Albania well before EOY. Probably IMO even within a few months considering that portions of some blocks have been described as “drill-ready”. We could be selling Albanian oil before the New Year and the share price could be much, much higher. But…people selling…

    Now if this investment group they signed the term sheet with turns out to include the Soros Group (rumored) and they PR in a couple of weeks that they are partnered with Soros, is that something that might get a few people to buy?

    Waiting for powder to dry to participate in this fire sale…

  8. egyinvestor posted on IV Board:

    I received an unsolicited update call from S FLA. ALL OF THE following info was passed on.

    1 The 70 mm FARM IN deal with Santos in Tajeekistan is now winding up with an announcement coming possibly as early as next week.
    2. The second Krygstan well to be spudded next week will be seeking an enclosure 10x the size of the first well with a potential of 30to 50 mm barrels. The target is at 2400 meters
    3 Details on the Albania plan shoul be released near the end of the month. They are planning a deep well which could produce light oil with a lifting cost of 2$ a barrel . If the well is successful they could potentially have as much or more cash flow than Bankers Petroleums very extensive heavy oil project. No details yet on who the partner or partners might be.
    4. The recent heavy selling was the result of a failed takeover attempt. The ousted director had brought in other investors to try and gain control of Manas but when it failed he took his consortium to another project. The total shares distributed were in the 3 to 4 million range.
    5 Our contact believes this quiet period should be used for additional buying before the news.

    I have added soome more shares this am at .45. Cheers to all MNAP longs

  9. Drilling of second exploration well underway in Kyrgyzstan
    Manas Petroleum Corp. (MNAP.OB)

    Baar, Switzerland, August 12, 2009.

    Manas Petroleum is pleased to report that the drilling of the second exploration well at the Huday Nazar SPC-1 (Soh license) prospect by the Kyrgyz joint venture, SPC (South Petroleum Company) is underway. Huday Nazar SPC-1 is to test tertiary-aged (Palaeogene) clastics and carbonate reservoirs between 1680 and 1835m below ground level. Projected total depth of this well is 2400m below ground level and it is expected to take 30 to 40 days to drill. Should drilling be sufficiently encouraging, testing and completion of the wells would be made following the drilling.
    The offset analogue field to the Huday Nazar SPC-1 prospect is the North Soh oil and gas field (13 MMBO & 140 BCF) which is approximately 20 km to the West. The P50 mapped closure on the Huday Nazar SPC-1 prospect is 5.0 square km while the net thickness of the targeted reservoirs (using the productive limestone and sandstone strata from analogue fields) is estimated to be 20 meters with 14% porosity in the P50 scenario.
    The Huday Nazar SPC-1 prospect was generated as a result of the processing of seismic shot in a recent 2D seismic program by SPC. Analogue fields for the Huday Nazar SPC-1 propsect are the North Rishtan (1 MMBO) and North Soh (13 MMBO, 140 BCF). The Huday Nazar SPC-1 operation replaces the previously planned drilling of the smaller and shallower East Chongora prospect which is also in the Soh License area.
    Acquisition of a total of 800 km of 2d seismic within the SPC licenses was completed as of late May 2009 and seismic processing is on-going. Preparations are underway for the 2010 deep drilling program which is expected to commence early 2010.
    This press release contains forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are projections of events, revenues, income, future economic performance or management’s plans and objectives for future operations. In some cases you can identify forward-looking statements by the use of terminology such as “may”, “should”, “anticipates”, “believes”, “expects”, “intends”, “forecasts”, “plans”, “future”, “strategy”, or words of similar meaning. Forward-looking statements in this press release include statements about the company’s expectations that the Huday Nazar-1well should take from 30 to 40 days and that it expects the 2010 deep drilling program to commence early in 2010. These statements are only predictions and involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, including the risks inherent in our industry, the poor capital markets and other risks identified by us in our periodic filings on EDGAR (which can be viewed at http://www.sec.gov). Any of these risks could cause our or our industry’s actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, levels of activity, performance or achievements expressed or implied by these forward-l

  10. posted on IV by sahd3g
    Latest from IR…. very confident SOROs is a player with MNAP. The big sellers of the past few weeks are probably done now too. News likely to come:
    Albania blocks total recoverable now more likely to be reported as 5 to 6 Billion barrels.

    A credible major analyst with a following could soon rec. MNAP…. might see an initial target of $4.


    Hope most or all this comes to us…

    Only 119 million shares outstanding…huge insider holdings.

  11. drilling update
    August 18, 2009
    Update on Huday Nazar SPC 1 wellsite


    Set 13 3/8″ casing at 280 metres and drilling ahead in 12 1/4″ hole at 992 metres, to hydrocarbon objectives between 1680 and 1840 metres. An intermediate wireline evaluation is planned prior to setting 9 5/8″ casing at approximately 1500 metres. A second wireline evaluation will be conducted after drilling the 8 1/2 ” hole to an approximate TD for the well at 2400 metres. In the event hydrocarbon anomalies are encountered in this well, the well will be tested and subsequently cased and suspended upon confirmation of a commercial flow of hydrocarbon.

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