A bit of an ugly day for some of the things we’re following

Many of these stocks are up a great deal. Some shaking at the tree..

These have all been up strongly this year, some profit taking at some point was always likely.

  • LDK, this year will be ugly still, but you’re buying for next year at these levels
  • EFUT, stay clear of that until we have confirmation that the growth in license sales resumes
  • IOC, under $30 it offers excellent chances, and hardly less so at $31 and change
  • FUQI, we adviced to sell to early (after a 100% gain in less than 2 months) because we feared something like this. It’s still cheap though, China domestic growth is still in tact
  • The same holds for some of the other little China stocks, like CSR, CFSG, CGA, FEED
  • FSYS is a long-term growth story that is reasonably prices at these levels