6 thoughts on “A few nice InterOil links”

  1. pretty straightforward; ie goods are in the ground
    png approval, deal, partner, oil, stripping plant,

  2. In stead of Vegas (which doesn’t have such good odds), we think some are going to Cairns to celebrate..

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, first things first..

  3. Second rig starts drilling near Antelope 2, hoped for Oct 15th.Site being prepared now.

  4. Do you know the logic behind drilling so close to Antelope 2. That sounds a little odd to me and I was just curious about the IOC thought process.

  5. Darcy, killer siesmics . High prob for oil. Takes more then on well to pump out a large find. They seem pretty convinced.Antelope needs 6-12 wells to produce the NG and liquids found .No oil then use that well for condensate recovery.The stripping plant needs two wells for each recovery spot. One to pump out the combined liquids and NG and a second to pump the NG back into with the liquids for later processing in the lNG plant.IOC is thinking production wells .They have enough found NG but of course they will find more I think.

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