7 thoughts on “Morgan Stanley Update on InterOil”

  1. I think this answers someones question on the Yahoo Board. Looks like Horizontal Drilling Equipment on site is not a rig. However, it is another indication they know they are close to the big O!

  2. monday’s uptick was probably MS brokers touting the upcoming ( and now released )report instead of the speculation of a news leak from the well head; would have preferred the latter but all is good for those that wait. IOC and CVX /Chevron are the only holdings in the integrated oil category that MS rates as an “overweight” per the last page of the report; good luck to all.

  3. Janine,

    Have you heard anything?

    I got laughed off the Yahoo board and I’m hoping to get more support here.

    Thank you in advance.

  4. On the yahoo message board, there is mention of breakeven LNG prices in $/mmbtu. Does anybody know where these came from? Also, the Morgan Stanley paper mentions an S curve with 14%. Does anybody know what this means in terms of formula pricing? What is LNG base price and at what oil price? then it increases at 14% of oil price increase? I assume 45% slope is for every 10% move on oil price, LNG price moves 10%. So is 14% only 1/3 of increase in % in oil?

  5. disregard above, I worked it out. It is simply 0.14 times oil price to give a number in $/mmbtu

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