InterOil is hiring Knowledge Reservoir

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InterOil and Knowledge Reservoir Hope to Set Records

Earlier this year, Interoil Corp. may have succeeded in achieving the highest flow rate from a single gas well, thanks to the drilling of the  Antelope-1 well in Papa New Guinea (PNG). With a flow rate of 382 MMcfd and 5,000 bcpd during a production test and a potential resource base of upt to 11 Tcf, the prospects of development of the Elk-Antelope field are high. Discovered in 2006 with the drilling of Elk-1, the large carbonate gas structure has been appraised by four wells.

Interoil is taking no chances and has enlisted the expertise of Knowledge Reservoir to help in field appraisal and planning for field development. The Knowledge Reservoir team is provided log analysis, flow test pressure analysis, fluid characterization, flow assurance simulation, reservoir modeling and simulation of the field potential. The Late Miocene carbonate platform and reef presents special challenges due to the high variability of rock properties and the presence of natural fractures and vuggy porosity. Commenting on the project, Joe Lach, Senior VP of Consulting , noted “this is an exciting discovery and future development for InterOil, and Knowledge Reservoir is the right partner due to our unique experience in reservoir to facility modeling and field commercialization.”

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  1. It would be real cool to see a 3D model of the antelope/elk structure. Wonder if that will ever be produced and released?

  2. Darcy brings up a great point, this was posted on May 14, 2009. I wonder what type of work they’ve been able to accomplish since then.

    Now my mind is racing yet again.

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