InterOil from the boards 8/11

Yahoo is mostly a wasteland during the weekend, but some useful stuff nevertheless.

  1. Petroleum engineer about liquids reserve numbers
  2. InterOil intending to work with the landowners
  3. Ken’s CC notes
  4. Part II
  5. Part III
  6. One knowledgeable poster’s take on absence of deals
  7. IOC’s benefits for the PNG economy
  8. A notorious poster denying flat out that InterOil did a DST at Antelope2 (but nevertheless argues that the gas/liquids ratio would be “physically impossible”, without any explanation or source). In case you doubted, here are the results from that ‘non-existing’ DST. You have to understand that this character has a history of lying. He denied that the liquids exist, the dolomite exist, naked shorting exists, Knowledge Reservoir reports exist, etc. We might do some more writeup about this character, who’se lies we featured in the first 10 episodes of Daily Distortions.