InterOil from the boards Jan. 13

Volume of nonsense is increasing, but we select the most informative posts

  1. The best post on the immediate future
  2. Take on trading
  3. Only one ommission though
  4. How to beat them
  5. Keep eyes on the ball
  6. Curious rumor
  7. Prize for worst post of the day, but fairly typical (yes, we did want to point out why we provide this selection service, as there are a couple of hundred posts like this a day…)
  8. Horizontal drilling
  9. Horizontal drilling part II
  10. Part III
  11. IOC in the press
  12. Ken’s crystal ball

2 thoughts on “InterOil from the boards Jan. 13”

  1. STP – Your years of work has proven you are to be TRUSTED, ADMIRED, AND RESPECTED! Thank you!

  2. Thanks STP. However, your #6 above is not a rumor as I checked with Fidelity and it is true. Probably irrelevant but net positive for IOC.

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