4 thoughts on “You REALLY don’t wanna read this”

  1. 2Cows posted this on yahoo earlier today asking Pet if it was possible, but I see that post has been deleted.

    I also heard a similar story from a little birdie when I was at the AGM in Grand Rapids.

    If you ever wanted to believe in conspiracy theories……….

  2. I used to think Matt Simmons knew what he was talking about when the subject was “peak oil”. Now I must question his intelligence. This whole story is completely CRAZY. Use a small nuke??? The casing is all blown out of the hole. There is nothing left but an open hole. The relief wells have no chance of working. The gas pressure is just gas on the riser. They have killed the Gulf of Mexico.

    All of this is complete nonsense. The casing is all still in the hole. They are showing you a live video of the 36” well head and BOP everyday. The well has been capped. The relief well will work. The static kill will work. They can kill the well any time they want to now that they have the cap on it. There is no massive cover up by the Government and BP. The Gulf of Mexico has not been killed. It will take some time, money and effort to clean up the mess along the coast and it will take some time for the marshes and wet lands to recover but recover they will.

    I don’t know if Matt has gone off his rocker or what but I will not believe anything he says from this point forward.

  3. Well, Pet thanks for reassuring. Very, very curious. Simmons seemed (up until now, that is) to know what he’s talking about, and we were torn by either having to assume he’s gone bonkers (which seems unlikely) or believing he’s the only one cracking what would be the cover-up of the century (even more unlikely). Having said that, there must be a really awful lot of oil (and methane) in the Gulf. 60K barrels a day (at least), that adds up, and it was way, way higher than these initial estimates from BP (which were ratcheted up from 5K), which surely gave the impression something dodgy was going on..

    Perhaps it’s just that short position corrupting his “judgement”. It happens. We’ve seen it before… 🙂

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