Tilson going long?


Ross Smith, a former critic of InterOil, saw what was coming and changed its view in Jan last year, when the earliest indications of a reef and dolomite became visible.

Has Whitney Tilson now also seen the light on InterOil?

At first, it looked like it. You’ll have to fill out IOC, then T2, and then click to page 3, where you will see that Tilson now has a NEW position in InterOil, $674K big 10,400 shares. Too bad short positions don’t have to be exposed, so we don’t know what his real position is.

And at the end of the second quarter he still had some $7M in put options

Via the first link you can also see that various other institutions have added significantly (Soros, Wells Fargo which has a whopping 12M shares, Goldman, etc.)

We did have a certain Janine arguing here on this site some time ago that the institutions would dry out the float…

Perhaps Tilson saw that coming, or perhaps it was the Mitsui deal that finally swayed him, whatever it was, welcome aboard!

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