Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX: AMF)

Canadian biotech opportunity?

Send to us by a reader. We are no biotech specialist and give the report send to us ad verbatim. We invite readers with this kind of background to comment. By the looks of it, it’s VERY speculative. It has no revenue yet so a proper assessment  should involve a keen appreciation of it’s medical claims (which we are totally unable to do). So this doesn’t serve as any exhortation to invest, it’s meant to invite readers with relevant background to comment.

A Canadian Biotech Company That No One Knows About Sometimes a chance of a lifetime comes around only once and the few people that recognise it and react properly become examples of how to succeed. In 2006 I accidentally came upon this small company trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) and over the months of very detailed research, I realized that this was my opportunity to make the move into that dimension that we all hope we achieve but very few actually do. I am Canadian and all the actions I have taken apply to investment suitable for where I live. I think this is important because many of you have the ability to trade on the TSX from whatever part of the world you live in.

I know from research that only 1 in every 10 biotech companies will succeed. Most of these companies are relying on one product which if it succeeds will usually bring in millions. We have seen over and over how things look really good for a particular drug or treatment, but for whatever reason it fails or does not meet the expectations of what it could do and the company’s value drops like a chunk of metal. What if a person found a company that had numerous products under development and a number of them could succeed and more important these products were important worldwide. I think I have stumbled onto a company that is on the verge of developing very important breakthroughs in diagnostics and therapeutics.

The company is Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX:AMF) is a theranostics company developing therapeutic products and diagnostic devices targeting misfolded protein diseases including ALS, cancer, and Alzheimer’s Disease. Amorfix is a pioneer in the ability to identify unique regions that are buried in normal proteins, and exposed to antibodies when proteins are aberrantly folded. These unique regions are designated Disease Specific Epitopes™ (DSE), which can be exploited by Amorfix to develop highly specific diagnostic tools, as well as targets for therapeutics of protein misfolding diseases.

Amorfix has a new CEO as of May 2010 and he is an American who jumped at a chance to be part of this company , but only after he saw what products they were developing and the huge potential for their success. This company has only 42 million shares in circulation and at this point there is no reason to dilute the shares any further as the company has ample cash in reserve to go at least 18 months. The company is working on ALS; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; vCJD; and a variety of cancers.

Amorfix Life Sciences announces world’s first detection of aggregated beta-amyloid in blood using the Alzheimer’s diagnostic A4 Assay Their A4 Test was just introduced and it has given researchers a very effective way to check if their treatments are having any effect on infected lab mice. They don’t have to kill the mouse anymore… they just keep using it till it eventually dies of AD. Amorfix and reMYND announces testing service agreement for the A4 Alzheimer’s Test

1) Amorfix Life Sciences Announces Global Licensing Agreement For The Treatment of ALS with Biogen Idec

2) Amorfix Life Sciences and Prevent Announce Global Licensing Agreement For The Treatment of ALS ( ALS Vaccine)

3) Amorfix and Epitomics enter into agreement to develop novel monoclonal antibodies against disease specific epitopes for the treatment of cancers

4) Amorfix and Aragen Bioscience enter into agreement to develop novel monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of cancers

5) Amorfix and QED Bioscience announce agreement to develop novel monoclonal antibodies for cancer. What has happened here is that Amorfix has partnered up with companies that potentially have very good antibodies for different cancers. The problem with cancer antibodies is that they can be very effective destroying the cancer cell but they also kill the healthy cells. Each of these companies is using Amorfix’s Epitope Protection technology and ProMis technology to develop their antibodies so that they only attack the rogue cell.

The company is working with Prevent and PrioNet, 2 very successful research companies in Canada. Dr Neil Cashman is the head researcher for Amorfix and PrioNet and his accomplishments are pages of information. I suggest a person should check his name and see that he is a brilliant man and with his work the company and its partners are about to release the results of some very staggering discoveries.

I think a person just has to look at the recent developments in Alzheimer’s research and cancer drugs to know that there is a huge market worldwide if a company can come up with a simple blood test for humans to detect Alzheimer’s, or an antibody for a cancer that only kills the cancerous cell and has no side effects or a successful treatment for ALS. Discussions I have been involved in indicate that this company is so… so close to completing their work one if not all of these. As I write this the stock is sitting at .37 cents Can. And volume is low. One very important revelation was made recently in that two of the Amorfix board members have finally released the fact they over the past few months they have been moving and purchasing stocks towards another company they are involved in. Interinvest (a Global Investment Company) reported that they now have over 4.5 million shares (10% of the company). Do you think maybe these insiders have an idea of what results are expected very soon? You better believe it. A global investment company does not just purchase shares unless they feel the value of the shares is about to go through the roof.

If any of the readers have the ability to purchase on the Toronto Stock Exchange, I strongly suggest that you look at this company. A Wall Street Analyst lists this stock as “Strong Buy “and even with the low stock value this recommendation is made.

The CEO and a recently hired marketing company are starting a North American tour to promote this company. The reason behind this is that the CEO said “when I joined this company I realized that the stocks were really undervalued for what the company was accomplishing and more surprised on how few Americans knew about this company. I am confident that once US investors have a chance to see what this company is doing they are going to want to invest”.

This company has been silently going about its work and very soon will be a name everyone is talking about. DO you want to pass up a chance of a lifetime ?

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