Why drill at Bwata?

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Why Drill at Bwata?

Quotes from previous posts:
  • “We already know we have gas at Bwata and now Phil says we have quite a bit more in an up dip attic.”
  • “It is possible that they have completed they interpretation of the 2010 seismic program at Wolverine and Bwata. I do not know if they will chose to release that information or not.”
“On http://www.newportenergylimited.com/docs/rps_report-ppl326.pdf chart 40 they show a gas water/contact so it appears that the well bore penetrated the gas/water contact. This chart also shows a considerable attic to the South of Bwata-1. The schematic is not to scale but it looks like the attic could be at least twice the thickness at Bwata-1.
I would guess they are talking about GROSS thickness. So far they are talking about fractured Micritic limestone. If they have a reef above the fractured limestone this would be a considerable improvement. Looks like the new location will be south of Bwata-1.”

“While we are talking about surrounding fields let me mention Bwata. You might recall that on the recent conference call it was mentioned that the next exploration well would probably be at Bwata. You might ask yourself why they would want to do that rather than drill at Mule Deer or Wolverine where I believe Phil mentioned that they had indications of two or more reefs.
I don’t remember for sure if he said they had an indication of a reef at Bwata or not. Perhaps one of you could check your tape and let us know. In any case if you look at http://www.newportenergylimited.com/docs/rps_report-ppl326.pdf chart 38 you will see that Bwata-1 was drilled in 1960 and tested for 43 MMCFD and it has a gas column 157 meters (515 feet) thick.

Previous reports of tests from Bwata-1 had been in the range of 25+ MMCFD so the well apparently produced at rates of up to 43 MMCFD based on the information presented on this site. There appears to be no doubt that the Bwata Field contains gas and that the well has plenty of deliverability.
On the recent conference call Phil did say that the newly acquired seismic shows a large amount of gas in the attic above the location of Bwata-1. While some of you are checking to see if he said there was an indication a reef you can also see if he indicated how many more feet of gas column he sees above Bwata-1. A gas column 515 feet thick is already a tremendous field and we now have seismic that apparently indicated an up dip attic which will give us a considerably thicker gas column than 515 feet.
So if you wanted to take your best shot at proving up more reserves with the next exploration well where would you drill? Maybe a good choice would be the only other proven gas field with new seismic that indicates a large up dip attic and a larger areal extent than previously thought.”

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