6 thoughts on “Some InterOil Stuff, October 13”

  1. What is IOC doing with the rigs? Are they just sitting idle? Where are the updated seismics? We haven’t seen any new presentation or investor tours recently?

    Are we still moving forward or now idling in a waiting game at the mercy of politics and the market?

  2. Can you comment on any of my questions above?

    If not have you heard anything new? Things have been very quiet lately.

  3. Roger: Sorry, I took so long to answer your questions. I hear that the rig at Ant#2 is being worked on (tune-up type things) and will be moved to Ant#3 and the new rig to BWATA or Wolverine. My guess is BWATA.Both should be spudding in January.I hear things are GREAT!!Should be quite fun the next couple of months. Good Luck.

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