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Sleep like a hamster

January 28th, 2011 · No Comments

Theme hotels going wild..


Theme hotels are nothing new, of course, but thus far they’ve been way too hung up with concepts of comfort, style, or adventure. One hotel in Nantes, France is forgoing all of those silly things, in order to give the vacationing public what it really wants–the opportunity to spend a night like a hamster.

Of course, as anyone who has ever owned one of those little puffy cheeked rodents can tell you, hamsters are nocturnal, so actually “spending the night like a hamster,” would generally involve little to no sleep. Which, I suppose, is where the giant wheel comes in. If, however, you do get tuckered out from all of that squeaky-wheeled running, there are stacks of hay for you to sleep in.

The Hamster Villa will run you 99 eruos ($135) a night. The room is located in an 18th century building which its designers feel looks a bit like a hamster cage. Don’t forget to BYO salt lick.

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