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Links for 1/4. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news..

The Lucas Critique Revisited « Uneasy Money

Lenovo ThinkPad Twist S230U review – Laptop – Trusted Reviews

Victoria Beale Reviews New Books By Alain De Botton And Philippa Perry | The New Republic

Obama Wasn’t Rolled. He Won! | The New Republic

A Reprogrammable Processor from Coherent Logix Could Handle All Radio, Video, and Photo Processing on a Smartphone or Tablet | MIT Technology Review

Economist Ricardo Hausmann Says U.S. Should Reinvent Manufacturing | MIT Technology Review

IMF Details Errors in Calling for Austerity – Real Time Economics – WSJ

The big issues in macroeconomics: the fiscal multiplier — Crooked Timber

Crime Is at its Lowest Level in 50 Years. A Simple Molecule May Be the Reason Why. | Mother Jones

BBC News – Does confidence really breed success?

BBC – Future – Technology – Tomorrow’s world: A guide to the next 150 years

Falklands row: Sun takes out advert in Argentinian newspaper | UK news |

Half the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong –

How to “Spin” Conservatives Into Worrying About the Environment –

Why Silicon Valley innovation has stalled | PandoDaily

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