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Why might new regulations actually be expansionary? Because they will provide power companies with an incentive to invest in ways that will reduce their emissions, even if they currently have excess capacity.

Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman – The Conscience of a Liberal –

If anything the Oculus Rift could prove to be a more exciting prospect not just for gamers, but for TV and movie lovers too.

Forget Xbox One and PS4, all I want for Christmas is an Oculus Rift – Opinion – Trusted Reviews

Italy risks potential losses of billions of euros on derivatives contracts it restructured at the height of the eurozone crisis, according to a confidential report by the Rome Treasury that sheds more light on the financial tactics that enabled the debt-laden country to enter the euro in 1999.

Italy faces restructured derivatives hit –

For evidence of the folly of allowing government deficits to remain high indefinitely, look no further than Japan. For almost two decades, the country has promised deficit reduction and reform in the future with a palliative of borrowing today. The result has been low growth, no reform and rising net debt from 12 per cent of national income in 1991 to 143 per cent today.

Austerity is hurting – but is it working? –

Telling employees, friends, and family members to avoid open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi networks is a particularly difficult sell. So I’ve been trying a different approach. Instead of only offering explanations, I’m showing what can happen if a security measure is ignored.

Convenience or security: You can’t have both when it comes to Wi-Fi | TechRepublic

When you read the profile of a potential partner, how do you know it’s true? Researchers at Xerox PARC think they have the answer

Xeroc PARC Tackles Online Dating’s Biggest Conundrum | MIT Technology Review

In 2007 about $207 million was found in the home of a suspected cartel supplier of meth-precursor chemicals. The pile, which weighed more than 4,500 pounds, is considered the largest drug cash seizure in history.

North America Has A Massive Meth Problem – Business Insider

New technology is poised to disrupt America’s schools, and then the world’s

Education technology: Catching on at last | The Economist

“I get what you get in ten years, in two days.”
– Chris Brown, “Look at Me Now”

Noahpinion: I get what you get in ten years, in two days

ASK an economist about which are the most efficient kinds of taxes, and property taxes will be high up on the list. They distort behaviour less, and are more growth friendly, than taxes on income, employment or even consumption.

Property taxes: An unexploited resource | The Economist