Remarkable stories from the web in a new, easier format. No shale revolution outside the US anytime soon. Why liberals and conservatives can’t get along. The next gadget you REALLY want. The best moment to buy a plane ticket and other remarkable stories from the web..

Don’t get too excited about a UK shale revolution – it isn’t likely to happen in the near future.

Forget a quick shale gas revolution here– we don’t have the technology – Telegraph

a Pew study last year confirmed that partisanship has risen sharply. In the face of that trend, is it possible for Democrats and Republicans to get along?

‘The Righteous Mind’: Why Liberals and Conservatives Can’t Get Along – Knowledge@Wharton

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset that is most definitely the future of gaming. The device straps onto your head and completely immerses you inside a video game. It also has motion sensors so you can look around as if you were really inside the world. But it’s nearly impossible to explain. The Oculus Rift is one of those things you have to see to believe. Several Business Insider employees gave it a whirl last week, and we took them on a trip through the solar system, on a medieval roller coaster, and put them into a death-by-guillotine simulation. Take a look at their awestruck reactions below:

Oculus Rift Video Demo – Business Insider

Basically (and this was suspected at the time) the People’s Bank of China let the rates spike as a tough measure to induce a level of tightening and discipline in the banking system.

Why The People’s Bank Of China Let SHIBOR Spike – Business Insider

Analyzing the Schroeder reforms of 2003-2005, it shows that it fundamentally boiled down to encouraging part-time contracts, but it did not touch the core of German labour market regulation

Wrong Models | Sparse Thoughts of a Gloomy European Economist

a true phablet eliminates the need and even the desire to carry or own two devices smaller than a laptop, even for people who are able to easily afford two devices.

Finally! A Full-Featured ‘Phablet’ –

Goldman Sachs, which started the year upbeat on the outlook for Chinese stocks, significantly slashed its target for the country’s equities late Tuesday, citing deleveraging in the economy and the risk of hot money outflows in the coming months.

Goldman Slashes Target for China Stocks

If Washington seems more divided than ever, it may be because Republicans and Democrats in Congress come from very different worlds. Republican America is drastically whiter and more rural than Democratic America. Its residents are more likely to live in homes they own, more likely to live in a household headed by a husband and wife, and less likely to either hold a college degree or have dropped out of high school.

6 Charts That Show How House Republicans And Democrats Live In Different Worlds – Business Insider

A Japanese economist has studied the mathematics used by air companies to set the prices of flights. According to his research, eight weeks before departure is the ideal timing to buy a travel ticket.

What’s the Best Moment to Buy a Plane Ticket? | UA Magazine

A “master key” that could give cyber-thieves unfettered access to almost any Android phone has been discovered by security research firm BlueBox.

BBC News – ‘Master key’ to Android phones uncovered

Three-quarters of British households overfill their kettles, wasting a total of £68m each year, an Energy Saving Trust (EST) report has suggested.

BBC News – Overfilling kettles wastes £68m a year, says report

By 1960, Silicon Valley had already captured the attention of the world as a teeming technology center. It had spawned the microwave electronics industry and set a pattern for industry-academic partnerships. French president Charles de Gaulle paid a visit and marveled at its sprawling research parks set amid farms and orchards south of San Francisco.

Billions have been spent trying to replicate Silicon Valley, with little to show for it. | MIT Technology Review

BBC News – 10 inventors who didn’t get mega-rich from their inventions