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But this is far from just a satisfying economics exercise. If U.S. natgas exports to Mexico can indeed be achieved at scale, it could represent one of the biggest investible opportunities of the decade.

Four Keys to Watch on the US-Mexico Natural Gas Boom – Business Insider

We’ve often noted that Jack Hough over at Barron’s is one of your favorite fellow investment writers, and what’s nice is that he often crystalizes a big idea into something quite simple and chartable: this week he compares EPS, the number Wall Street and the rest of the world seems to obsess about, with Free Cash Flow Per Share, and finds some potential bargains along the way.

Screening to Find the Cash Flow Monsters

Sir John Major has expressed his shock at the way in which every sphere of modern public life is dominated by a private school-educated elite and well-heeled middle class. He also suggested interest rates should go back to “normal levels of 3% to 5 %” as one way of helping pensioners deal with the recent squeeze on earnings.

John Major ‘shocked’ at privately educated elite’s hold on power | Politics |

This is quite extraordinary. The wonderful Maria João Pires is ready to play a Mozart piano concerto with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw conducted by Riccardo Chailly, only to hear the orchestra begin playing another Mozart concerto – no 20 in D minor, K466, not what she was expecting or had prepared for. Can you imagine her horror? You’ll have to watch the film below to find out what happened next.

Pianist Maria João Pires panics as she realises the orchestra has started the wrong concerto… – Telegraph Blogs

The long-running crisis of the euro is a case in point. Like Mark Twain’s death, forecasts of the euro’s demise have proved premature. Yet at the heart of the simmering crisis lie two debilitating problems with the potential for a devastating interaction.

Reports of the survival of the eurozone may have been greatly exaggerated – Telegraph

Instagram aficionado Dan Rubin, editor-at-large of the Photographic Journal, takes a handful of high-end smartphone cameras on a visual tour of colourful east London. Covering the iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Nokia 1020 and Sony Xperia Z1, Rubin gives his expert verdict on everything from ease of use to picture quality

Smartphone cameras reviewed by a photography expert – video | Technology |

We find robust evidence showing that bank balance-sheet strength determines the success of loan applications and the granting of loans in crisis times. The heterogeneity in firm balance-sheet strength determines loan granting in both good and crisis times, although the potency of this firm balance-sheet channel is the largest in the latter period. Our findings therefore hold important implications for both theory and policy.

Credit Supply versus Demand: Bank and Firm Balance-Sheet Channels in Good and Crisis Times

A new solar cell material has properties that might lead to solar cells more than twice as efficient as the best on the market today. An article this week in the journal Nature describes the materials—a modified form of a class of compounds called perovskites, which have a particular crystalline structure.

A New Solar Material Shows Its Potential | MIT Technology Review

About a year ago, a friend of mine was raving about his standing desk. “Sitting is death,” he proclaimed. Me, I couldn’t see that I’d want to stand all day working. But now I’ve gone to the other extreme. Not only am I standing while I work, but I also walk — and I’m loving it.

My life with a treadmill desk — e-mail and browsing at 2 mph | Common Sense Tech – CNET News

IBM has built a computational creativity machine that creates entirely new and useful stuff from its knowledge of existing stuff. And the secret sauce in all this? Big data, say the computer scientists behind it.

The Secret Ingredient in Computational Creativity | MIT Technology Review

Swedish consumer prices fell in October from September adding to pressure on the central Riksbank to follow the European Central Bank and cut rates. Consumer prices were down 0.2 percent in October from September and decreased 0.1 percent from the same month last year, the statistics office (SCB) said on Tuesday.

Swedish consumer price fall increases pressure on central bank – Yahoo Finance

The platinum market in 2013 is set for its biggest deficit in 14 years and continuing strong industrial and jewellery demand may widen the gap next year, although higher supply, stock overhangs and slow autocatalyst demand could limit price gains.

Platinum set for biggest deficit since 1999 -Johnson Matthey – Yahoo Finance

Loosely regulated non-bank lenders have emerged as among the biggest beneficiaries of the Federal Reserve’s ultra-low interest rates with three specialist categories increasing their assets by almost 60 percent since the height of the financial crisis.

Shadow banks reap Fed rate reward

The newly projected 350 percent growth of Japan’s solar market from 2012 to 2013 dwarfs estimates made earlier this year.

Japan’s Solar Market Surge Blows Away Earlier Forecasts : Greentech Media

Stanford Law School just published the results of a workshop during which a group of high-level solar industry professionals got together to predict which countries will capture the most economic value from solar and what factors could fuel rapid growth.

Is the Global Solar Industry a Winner-Take-All Game? : Greentech Media

Mozambique’s national oil company plans to increase its share in fields operated by Anadarko Petroleum and Eni as the country seeks a greater share of profit from the largest natural gas find in a decade.

Mozambique seeks bigger stake in Anadarko, Eni gas fields