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In life there are little nuggets of advice that make all the difference — tidbits of wisdom and guidance from someone you trust that stick with you for the rest of your days. But have you ever stopped to think about the single best piece of advice you’ve ever received when it comes to your career? LinkedIn asked its Influencers to do just that

BBC – Capital – Can a poem contain all the career advice you need?

Among the anti-Maidan crowd, Yanukovych’s corruption was not his greatest flaw; instead, it was his failure to crack down harder on the Kiev’s protesters.

Why Crimeans Prefer A Crook As A President – Business Insider

This is a phone from JZH, a six-year-old Chinese smartphone maker. It has an antenna that pulls out of the phone to make it a TV.. For a lot of people this will be their phone, their computer, and their TV. And at $50 for the hardware, it’s not a bad price. 

This Was The Best Thing I Saw At MWC, The Big Mobile Industry Conference – Business Insider

In December 2013 euro area GDP was still 3 percent lower than in the first quarter of 2008, in stark contrast with the United States, where GDP was 6 percent higher. GDP was 8 percent below its precrisis level in Ireland, 9 percent below in Italy, and 12 percent below in Greece. Euro area unemployment exceeds 12 percent—and is about 16 percent in Portugal, 17 percent in Cyprus, and 27 percent in Spain and Greece.

Whither the Euro? – Finance & Development, March 2014

Sure, Netflix is up 386% and Tesla is up 635% over the past 14 months. But the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association (“Freddie Mac”) and the Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”) make Netflix and Tesla look like laggards; Freddie Mac is up 1,626% since January 1, 2013 while Fannie Mae is up an astonishing 1,724%.

This stock is beating Tesla and Netflix | Talking Numbers – Yahoo Finance

Here, after all, is the perverse and twisted irony of the situation. Strictly from a coldly logical position (and I am not advocating this, I should add), in many ways it is in Kyiv’s interests for Moscow to steal Crimea, and turn it into some pseudo-state or new part of the Russian Federation.

Putin Has Overreached If He Expects To Keep Crimea – Business Insider

It’s definitely clear that Qualcomm is farther down the road to a truly monolithic core than Intel or chipset rival Broadcom Corp. (BRCM), at least on the mobile front.

DailyTech – Qualcomm Airs Snapdragon 610, 615, 801, Plus Groundbreaking Antenna Chip

ARM, like Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) before it, has seen the writing on the wall — most modern server chips need to be 64-bit. If smartphone and tablet chipmakers jump now to 64-bit (early), by the time 64-bit ARM server chips arrive in late 2014 or early 2015, there will be a growing ecosystem of A64/ARMv8 compatible apps. This clearly benefits ARM’s server ambitions. And ARM is willing to incentivize smartphone makers to do this, by offering up a more powerful core architecture, packed with more registers to squeeze program data into.

DailyTech – Report: Samsung Prepping 14 nm, 64-Bit Exynos 6 Chip for Galaxy S5

And most recently Korean newspaper IT Today is reporting that development of the Exynos 6 is wrapping up. Scheduled for production early next year — reportedly at 14 nm — the chip may seize the process lead from Intel Corp. (INTC), whose 22 nm LTE-equipped chips are shipping now and will pop up in a slew of products in the January-February window.

DailyTech – Report: Samsung Prepping 14 nm, 64-Bit Exynos 6 Chip for Galaxy S5

Warren Buffett is full of it from his toes to the tip-top of his head and you should pay close attention to every word he says. In fact if you’re an investor and haven’t done so already, at the conclusion of this segment you should click over to Berkshire Hathaway’s website and read every letter to shareholders Buffett has ever written. When you’re done you should read them again. As a body of work Buffett’s annual reports exceed an entire bookstore worth of investing advice.

Warren Buffett is full of it, and you should listen to every word he says | Breakout – Yahoo Finance

Singapore has topped Tokyo to become the world’s most expensive city, according to a cost of living survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).

Singapore now world’s most expensive city

Russia’s MICEX Index pushed higher as Putin spoke, surging 5 percent after seeing gains of 3 percent for most of the morning session. The bourse lost nearly $60 billion in market capitalization on Monday, ending the session down 11 percent – its worst fall in five years.

Global markets rally on Putin ‘climb down’; gold falls

Facebook is in negotiations to buy a drone manufacturer with the aim of using its high-altitude autonomous aircraft to beam internet connections to isolated communities in Africa, according to reports.

Facebook Buying 11,000 Small Drones To Beam Internet To Africa – Business Insider

The large-scale asset purchases (LSAPs) undertaken by the Fed starting in late November 2008 are widely considered to be a form of “unconventional” monetary policy. Although these interventions are certainly unprecedented, this post shows that their effect on financial conditions is not that unconventional, in the sense that the relative effects of the LSAPs on returns across broad asset classes—nominal and real government bonds, stocks, and foreign exchange—are quite similar to those of more conventional policies, such as a reduction in the federal funds rate (FFR).

How Unconventional Are Large-Scale Asset Purchases? – Liberty Street Economics

By keeping rates low for a long time to help a struggling economy, to restore financial stability and to push investors into riskier investments, the Fed could, as he put it, “sow the seeds of renewed financial instability.” But raising rates prematurely to reduce the risks of a financial blow up could choke off the recovery “just as it is poised to gain at least a little bit more momentum.”

While there is widespread acknowledgment of this tension, there is widespread disagreement on how much of an issue this is right now.

The Fed and Financial Stability: Three Questions | Brookings Institution

The match is universally agreed by observers as the ugliest, most vicious and disgraceful in soccer history

World Cup: 25 stunning moments … No4: The battle of Santiago | Simon Burnton | Football |

Tesla’s Giga factory aims to reduce the cost of lithium-ion batteries by 30 percent in three years and 50 percent by 2020. This big, bold move invites historical comparison.

Tesla’s Giga Battery Factory Threatens the Auto, Utility and Building Controls Markets : Greentech Media

The match is best remembered for the moment, two minutes from the end, when Claudio Caniggia, Argentina’s flaxen-haired substitute striker, went on a run down the right. Italia 90 was something of a festival of simulation during which neither Caniggia nor any other Argentinian was to become known for their refusal to go to ground under any kind of challenge, but with his side trailing and time running out he stayed up when an imprecise tackle came flying in, kept going despite a second attempt to bring him down, and was promptly taken out in the most emphatic style by Benjamin Massing, an assault that sent the tackler’s right boot, and possibly a few body parts, flying across the pitch, and earned Cameroon their second red card of the day. As Pete Davies put it in his peerless book about the 1990 World Cup, All Played Out, it was “a kind of full-pelt, waist-high, horizontal flying bodycheck. The general intention seemed to be not so much to break Caniggia’s legs, as actually to separate them from the rest of his body.”

World Cup: 25 stunning moments … No1: Cameroon stun Argentina in 1990 | Football |

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany told Mr. Obama by telephone on Sunday that after speaking with Mr. Putin she was not sure he was in touch with reality, people briefed on the call said. “In another world,” she said. If you weren’t sure of the veracity of that little reportorial nugget, all doubt should’ve vanished after Putin’s press conference today.

Putin’s Press Conference on Ukraine Proved Merkel Right: He’s Nuts | New Republic

Smoke breaks may be costing employers more than they think, with U.K. businesses losing around $14.50 billion a year, according to a new study. The average British smoker takes four smoking breaks during the work day, lasting around 10 minutes each, as well as taking nearly an entire day more in sick leave a year than non-smokers, a study by the Centre for Economics and Business Research found.

Just how much does that smoke break cost?

In 2005, high-frequency trading (HFT) accounted for 21 percent of trades in U.S. equities. In 2012, that figure had more than doubled to 51 percent.

High frequency trading needs some regulation

to have debt deflation — in which falling prices due to a weak economy increase the real burden of debt, which depresses the economy further, and so on — you don’t need to have literal deflation.

Lowflation and the Two Zeroes –

Why is the economy so weak? It’s simple: Inequality. Income gains for the 95% have been meager for a long time, but up until the crisis, households could take on debt to compensate. Now credit has harder to come by, and so their buying power is limited.

Inequality And The Weak Recovery – Business Insider

But there’s a reason that investors keep coming back for more of shares like General Dynamics (GD), L-3 Communications (LLL), Northrop Grumman (NOC) and other low- and no-growth defense contractors. Beautiful orchestrations of share buyback and dividend programs keep shareholders in this sector happy even when circumstances don’t.

How 5 Stocks Rose 55%-93% TTM On Flat Revenue

Vladimir Putin has a network of lobbyists and lawyers working for him here in America. These executives can be identified through disclosure forms required by the Foreign Agents Registration Act

American Executives Working For Putin – Business Insider

People will be advised to halve the amount of sugar in their diet, under new World Health Organization guidance. The recommended sugar intake will stay at below 10% of total calorie intake a day, with 5% the target, says the WHO. The suggested limits apply to all sugars added to food, as well as sugar naturally present in honey, syrups, fruit juices and fruit concentrates.

BBC News – WHO: Daily sugar intake ‘should be halved’

Russia Today anchor and correspondent Liz Wahl announced her resignation live on air Wednesday, saying she couldn’t “be part of a network that whitewashes the actions” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

RT Anchor Quits Video – Business Insider

“The market was already very cheap before the crisis,” said Karine Hirn, CEO at East Capital, which has around $4.5 billion under management in the region.

Are Russian stocks a screaming buy?

First-time homebuyers hurt by rising prices and tougher credit standards are disappearing from the market, slowing the pace of the three-year recovery. The decline of these buyers, many of whom are young and non-white, also threatens to widen the wealth gap between owners, who benefit from appreciation, and renters, said Thomas Lawler, a former Fannie Mae economist.

Americans Shut Out of Home Market Threaten Recovery: Mortgages – Bloomberg

Jenkins and O’Malley are at opposite ends of a dynamic that is pushing those with college degrees down into competition with high-school graduates for low-wage jobs that don’t require college.

College Grads Taking Low-Wage Jobs Displace Less Educated – Bloomberg

Top 1% incomes grew by 31.4% while bottom 99% incomes grew only by 0.4% from 2009 to 2012. Hence, the top 1% captured 95% of the income gains in the first three years of the recovery.

One percent recovery: 95 percent of gains have gone to the top one percent.

Simple national income and product accounting tells us that the current US recover (I can barely manage to type that without scare quotes and I *hate* scare quotes) has been horrible for two reasons: low government purchases of goods and services (G) and low housing investment. Consumption, fixed non residential investment, and inventory investment have recovered normally. Net exports didn’t fall.

Angry Bear » Half of What’s Wrong With the Recovery in One Chart

What we’re talking about is hidden debt. The debt that’s out there but which we can’t currently see or assess. That is, dark debt which as yet hasn’t been factored in or priced into asset prices that influence our financially abstracted version of reality.

EM’s dark debt squeeze exposure | FT Alphaville

In my opinion, you have to be wildly optimistic to believe that corporate profits as a percent of GDP can, for any sustained period, hold much above 6%.

Warren Buffett On Profit Margins, 1999 – Business Insider

The euro is set to power higher, even after jumping to a two-month high against the U.S. dollar on Thursday following upbeat comments from European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi, analysts told CNBC.

Could Draghi’s upbeat tone send euro flying higher?

Once known as the “Breadbasket of Russia”, Ukraine is now also Russia’s fuel tank. And, one American company has 10 billion reasons to hope nothing goes wrong. Ukraine sits on 39 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves. That’s about one-quarter the world’s entire proven reserves. One company that has bet big on Ukraine’s natural gas is US-based Chevron.

This oil giant could get crushed by Ukraine | Talking Numbers – Yahoo Finance

Eying an opportunity to stick it to Vladimir Putin, hawkish Republicans, and Democrats from energy-rich states are pushing the administration to loosen exports of natural gas for shipment to Ukraine and other countries dependent on Russia. Currently exports of natural gas are limited to countries that are free trade partners with U.S., but lawmakers see an opportunity for domestic energy producers to benefit, as well as put pressure on Russia.

Take that Putin! Lawmakers push to expand natural gas exports | Breakout – Yahoo Finance

Sixteen people have died in Manchester in the past four years while infected with a highly resistant superbug, figures show. Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase (KPC) is causing increasing concern and a rising number of cases. Some 1,241 patients were affected within the Central Manchester University Hospitals trust area from 2009 to 2013, the figures show. Despite infection control, the numbers have increased year on year.

BBC News – Warning over hospital superbug linked to 16 deaths

Kiev today carries strong echoes of the anti-communist revolutions across central and eastern Europe a quarter of a century ago: a toppled, Moscow-backed, authoritarian leader; a government barely functioning; an economy severely weakened by corruption and mismanagement; and state coffers that are almost empty.

Ukraine: On the edge –

In a new report from BI Intelligence, we forecast that 4K — also known as 4K Ultra HD — will roll out much faster than most industry analysts are predicting. Two factors will speed up the rollout: The price of 4K-capable TVs and the fast availability of 4K content on Internet video services.

The Rise Of 4K TV – Business Insider

A 2010 study suggested that men are actually more likely to lie than women. In a poll of 3,000 people, researchers found that British men lie three times each day on average, whereas women only lie twice. But the same report found that people were twice as likely to lie to their mothers than their partners.

BBC News – #BBCtrending: ‘Female’ lies take Twitter by storm

Now, after many years on the periphery, VR is heading back to the mainstream. The proliferation of cheap high-resolution screens, motion-tracking sensors, and microchips in mobile computing devices has vastly reduced the technological cost of creating virtual reality hardware, making high-definition immersive head-mounted displays commercially viable.

Enthusiasts Go Back to the Future in a Virtual Reality Boom | MIT Technology Review