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While we wait on the election
Does anyone have any good ideas for short term trading coin?

But perhaps best in the forum marked 'varia' or 'other companies', Lib. I already ventilated a few ideas there Smile

Okay, I have a few, will post over the weekend.

Good, today you're promoted to junior member already I see Smile so that will get you right back into the game. Looking forward to your suggestions.

Nice move, Lib Smile

By the way, I have a feeling that the "risk" trade is back on. The euro summit outcome was more positive than many dared to hope.

That should make many of the beaten down names (in energy, for instance) quite attractive for a while (although one bad jobs figure out of the US can all change this, of course)

Keep an eye on this graph, the 10 year Spanish yield, that tells most of the story.

And of course, InterOil's time is also nearing. Election results, T2 results, possible deal, other deals like farm-out.

welcome people! Yes, it's exciting times, we'll get the Supreme Court decision on Monday, with an outcome that is difficult to foresee (or perhaps there could be another twist in the story). If the court would decide against O'Neill we might be in for more uncertainty, it depends whether O'Neill can hang on until elections, or whether he's replaced and by whom. If it's the old Somare, we're not really afraid, InterOil has thrived under his leadership. But in case it's the young Somare, that might be a different case, although we keep saying, there is little incentive to create problems for the project but then again, politicians can have their own agenda's and interests, not all of them are visible at first sight. It would be nice to see what others think.
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