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Well, that's alllllllll folks
The final court meeting will be held this week, discharging PWC. FYI the monitor will be paid $1.2M for its work done........

Subject: Mr. Justice Masuhara--VA S-191827--In the Matter of Nautilus Minerals Inc. et al (CCAA)--TE:30 minutes --CONF#792015460705
Mr. Justice Masuhara--VA S-191827--In the Matter of Nautilus Minerals Inc. et al (CCAA)

Case Type: Civil

Type of hearing: Application

Time estimate: 30 minutes

Available dates: July 23, 24, 27, 30, 31, and August 4, 5, 6, 7, 2020

Nature of Application: This is an application for approval of activities and accounts of the Monitor and its counsel and an order discharging the Monitor.

Reason why this must be heard by (Mr. Justice Masuhara): Mr. Justice Masuhara is seized of this proceeding.

Opponent's position regarding this application/request: It is not anticipated that the application will be contested.

everyone right up to the judge this was a huge scam don't trust any of these bastards even the judge

one thing that is still, makeing me wounder is that the PSV went to an Indian Company, and on there website they are saying it is 80% completed ? so i guess that allready at that point they where pulling our pants down......

"Project is currently in progress to integrate the Seafloor Production Tools (“SPTs”) onto a Production Support Vessel (“PSV”).
PSV is about 80% completed."

and that they had oiled some government officels and got the rights. it is so rotten

"Solwara 1 and its former parent Nautilus Minerals Inc. (in liquidation) have been successfully restructured and acquired by DSMF in the course of 2019. DSMF now has full ownership of interests and rights to Solwara 1, key assets, intellectual property, and subsidiaries and is well positioned to progress Solwara 1 into commercial production."

Best we learn from this 12 years of my life and a shit load of money lost to support a bunch of scums!

So what happens to NUSMF on the US exchange? Does it just disappear or does it go to zero? Can we take capital losses on it? I do not know this process and sorry I have to learn it now. Anyone with the answers, please post.

Well if it's truly the end f*ck DSMF, Mettalo, MB and PWC. I never have and never will sell 1 share. I rather have zero after 10 years of believing in this company.

Why nusmf  still trades  is anyone's guess. I thought  maybe the reverse merger possibility, but  I'm clearly reaching.

There are plenty of examples of company stock still trading on OTC after a company is dissolved. It has nothing to do with the company or some grand scheme, just a quirk of the system as its user driven. Eventually the shares will disappear and if you havent dumped them you can still claim them as a capital loss

Thanks King.

Hmm, odd. Even with the latest situation, the stock was up 88% today. Went from 2/10th of a cent to almost half a penny. I've never seen a stock, EVER, that continued trading after bankruptcy, certainly not for this long and at these levels. Must be just a quirk of the system - NOT! Now the only thing standing in the way of DSMF is the economy. Once the Covid-19 situation is resolved the world economy is going to go through the roof and the demand for those precious metals & elements, that are just waiting to be scooped up from the ocean floor, is going to be HUGE! Hang in there everyone (except for the defeatists), this is not the end. Happy Days (will be) Are Here Again. Any Annette Hanshaw fans here?

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