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Hopeful Thread
I read this while doing some research on Deep Green yesterday. At least we know the 3 gigantic mining tools we helped pay for are not being used as a jungle gym in PNG somewhere rusting away!  Link is below.  

"The SOAC/DeepGreen merger does not include the acquisition of any equipment, resources, or licenses currently held by the now-defunct Nautilus Minerals, though some initial reports suggested that the acquisition would include the Solwara I mining prospect or the Seafloor Production Tools built by Soil Machine Dynamics for Nautilus Minerals and currently stored in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. “I can categorically say we have no interest in seafloor massive sulphides,” says Barron"

So what does this mean? We know we were taken to the cleaners buy the two majority holders of NUS. They are the ones that hold ownership those tools.

Man pretty dam quite over the past two months. No news, lower daily volume, staying steady at around 1 penny. DSMF updated their website this week with an article in Sea Technology, link is below. Weird that they still refer to themselves as Nautilus Minerals and that these devices were actually invented prior to the CCAA.

Who the f knows. Trying to stay positive, but getting harder.

The link is to an article from 2018 which is even weirder but I assume they have acquired that technology as well as the other tools produced. I still think the stock is an orphan ADR and thus has no value as the stock it is linked to (Canadian NM stock) no longer trades.

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