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ATTN: CDN investors
Hi Everyone!

Well, everyone that is left :-(.  I've had a great year investing and I thought I would crystallize my massive loss and sell my shares.  Turns out on December 10, NUSMF got halted in Canada.  I recently contacted the CSA and got this response.
Thank you for contacting the CSA Secretariat. The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is an umbrella organization of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators whose objective is to improve, coordinate and harmonize regulation of the Canadian capital markets.
On December 10th, 2020, the British Columbia Securities Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission issued a Cease Trade Order (CTO) against Nautilus Minerals Inc. for failing to comply with its reporting obligations. For your convenience, a copy of the order is attached. When a CTO is issued, it will remain in effect until either its expiry date is reached or, if there is no expiry date (as in this case), until the decision is revoked by the regulator, when and if the company corrects the deficiencies which caused the CTO to be issued. For general information on CTOs, their duration and their scope, we refer you to the information on our website.
However, you should note that the order does permit trading under certain specific conditions (Refer to item 12). To find out if you may avail yourself of this exemption, we suggest you contact your local securities regulator. Please follow this link to our website to access contact information for all securities regulators in Canada.
CSA Secretariat

I contacted my brokerage Scotia Itrade (crap brokerage) and told them that I fit the requirements for Section 12 (more like section 8! lol). They checked with their compliance department and phoned me back two days later to let me know they would unlock my shares so I could sell them while they waited and watched the trades then locked it back up.
I put in my order across three accounts to sell my 400,000 shares at 0.01, three lots all All-or-Nothing, good for Maximum date (that was after hours last Friday).  They sold today (Monday).  They sold for 0.012.  The PPS was well above my ask at 0.025 at one point but my a-o-n order I guess kept them on the sidelines, by the end of the day all orders were filled.  Whomever is the MarketMaker, they are really messing about.  So, caution when selling your shares.  I did a-o-n so that my brokerage wouldn't sell 100 shares a day for 3 months at $10 commission.  In hindsight, I should have made the chunks smaller, perhaps 50,000 lots instead of 3 big chunks, but they eventually sold.

I'll attach the whole thing next but here is section 12 if you want out.  The only way prior to this was to "surrender your shares to your brokerage" through a written process that would set the loss at total.  Hope this helps some people.
12 - Despite this order, a beneficial securityholder of the Issuer who is not, and was not at
the date of this order, an insider or control person of the Issuer, may sell securities of
the Issuer acquired before the date of this order if both of the following apply:
      1. the sale is made through a “foreign organized regulated market”, as defined in
section 1.1 of the Universal Market Integrity Rules of the Investment Industry
Regulatory Organization of Canada; and
      2. the sale is made through an investment dealer registered in a jurisdiction of
Canada in accordance with applicable securities legislation.

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