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Delta variant breakthrough infections:

Quote:4,115 people have been hospitalized or died with Covid-19 despite being fully vaccinated. The total number of individuals who died after contracting Covid-19 despite vaccination is 750. 76% of hospitalizations and deaths from breakthrough cases occurred in people over the age of 65.
Covid breakthrough cases: CDC says more than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died after vaccination

Quote:The CDC doesn’t count every breakthrough case. It stopped counting all breakthrough cases May 1 and now only tallies those that lead to hospitalization or death, a move the agency was criticized for by health experts.
Covid breakthrough cases: CDC says more than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died after vaccination

Quote:Efficacy rates decrease slightly for variants like alpha and delta, with studies indicating 88% efficacy against the delta strain after two doses of the Pfizer vaccine. It was unclear if any of the reported breakthrough cases were caused by variants. In Israel and the United Kingdom, concerns about the delta variant are rising after growing reports of breakthrough infections. Even with 80% of adults vaccinated, Chezy Levy, director-general of Israel’s Health Ministry, said the delta variant is responsible for 70% of new infections in the country. Levy also said that one-third of those new infections were in vaccinated individuals.
Covid breakthrough cases: CDC says more than 4,100 people have been hospitalized or died after vaccination

Quote:In a new study of adults from the general population who were infected with COVID-19 in 2020, more than a quarter report not having fully recovered after six to eight months.
'Long COVID': More than a quarter of COVID-19 patients still symptomatic after 6 months: 55% of 'Long COVID' sufferers reported fatigue, 25% had shortness of breath, and 26% had symptoms of depression -- ScienceDaily

Quote:The Tennessee state government on Monday fired its top vaccination official, becoming the latest of about two dozen states to lose years of institutional knowledge about vaccines in the midst of the coronavirus pandemicThe termination comes as the virus shows new signs of spread in Tennessee, and the more-transmissible delta variant surfaces in greater numbers. Dr. Michelle Fiscus, the medical director for vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization programs at the Tennessee Department of Health, said she was fired on Monday afternoon and provided a copy of her termination letter. It provides no explanation for her termination. Fiscus said she was a scapegoat who was terminated to appease state lawmakers angry about the department's efforts to vaccinate teenagers against coronavirus. The agency has been dialing back efforts to vaccinate teenagers since June..
Tennessee fires top vaccine official Michelle Fiscus as COVID spreads

Quote:Antibody levels in people fully vaccinated with the Sinovac vaccine decline by half every 40 days, according to findings from a joint study between Thammasat University's faculty of medicine and the National Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Biotec).
Sinovac-produced antibodies 'halve every 40 days'

Quote:The recent headlines have been alarming: “2% of COVID Deaths in Illinois This Year Have Been Fully Vaccinated Residents.” “El Paso records over 200 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough cases.” “79 fully vaccinated Massachusetts residents have died.” At a time when Covid-19 cases are rising again in the US and the more dangerous delta variant of the virus behind the disease is gaining ground, seeing that vaccines are not a perfect shield can be disheartening. With vaccination rates slowing, reports of people becoming infected after their immunizations could feed vaccine hesitancy, which in turn can fuel more breakthrough cases.

But despite these emerging reports of breakthrough infections, the fact remains that vaccines are the most effective tool for containing Covid-19, and they have proven to be excellent at preventing people from getting severely ill or dying of the disease. Even as new, more slippery variants of the coronavirus have emerged, most of the vaccines have held their ground
As such, being unvaccinated is the most dangerous position to be in during the pandemic. “Preliminary data from a collection of states over the last six months suggests 99.5 percent of deaths from Covid-19 in these states have occurred in unvaccinated people,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Rochelle Walensky said during a July briefing.
Breakthrough Covid-19 cases can occur, but they’re rare. Let’s explain. - Vox
  • For now..
Quote:Goldman Sachs slashed its 2021 growth forecasts for major Southeast Asian economies as the region grapples with a renewed surge in Covid-19 infections. The spread of the more transmissible delta variant has pushed daily Covid cases to record highs in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand in recent weeks.
Covid: Goldman cuts Southeast Asia GDP forecasts as delta variant spreads

Quote:Boris Johnson’s plan to lift virtually all of England’s pandemic restrictions on Monday is a threat to the world and provides fertile ground for the emergence of vaccine-resistant variants, international experts say. Britain’s position as a global transport hub would mean any new variant here would rapidly spread around the world, scientists and physicians warned at an emergency summit. They also expressed grave concerns about Downing Street’s plansGovernment advisers in New Zealand, Israel and Italy were among those who sounded alarm bells about the policy, while more than 1,200 scientists backed a letter to the Lancet journal warning the strategy could allow vaccine-resistant variants to developAn adviser to New Zealand’s government told the summit he and his colleagues were astounded at the approach being taken in England..
England’s Covid unlocking is threat to world, say 1,200 scientists | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Quote:Covid cases could hit 200,000 a day in the UK this year and cause “major disruption” to the NHS, according to the scientist whose initial modelling helped shape Britain’s coronavirus lockdown strategy. Prof Neil Ferguson said it was “almost inevitable” that Monday’s final phase of unlocking would bring on 100,000 daily cases, with about 1,000 hospitalisations – despite roughly half the UK being fully vaccinated. He added that he could foresee a situation in which the case rate expands to twice the size.

“The real question is do we get to double that – or even higher,” he told BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show on Sunday,. “And that’s where the crystal ball starts to fail. I mean, we could get to 2,000 hospitalisations a day, 200,000 cases a day – but it’s much less certain.”
UK Covid cases could hit 200,000 a day, says scientist behind lockdown strategy | Coronavirus | The Guardian

Quote:India’s actual death toll from Covid-19 could range between 1.3 million to a staggering 5 million, with even the most conservative estimate putting its tally at more than double the U.S., the highest recorded in the world so far. The numbers, derived from research models and local authority data, range from three to 10 times the country’s official count, adding to evidence that the true cost of India’s outbreak has been massively under-reported.
 Covid-19 May Have Claimed as Many as 5 Million Lives in India - Bloomberg

Quote:Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine is just 39% effective in Israel where the delta variant is the dominant strain, according to a new report from the country’s Health Ministry. The two-dose vaccine still works very well in preventing people from getting seriously sick, demonstrating 88% effectiveness against hospitalization and 91% effectiveness against severe illness, according to the Israeli data... The efficacy figure, which is based on an unspecified number of people between June 20 and July 17, is down from an earlier estimate of 64% two weeks ago and conflicts with data out of the U.K. that found the shot was 88% effective against symptomatic disease caused by the variant.
Delta variant: Pfizer Covid vaccine 39% effective in Israel, prevents severe illness

Quote:It is disturbing to learn from the latest Israeli vaccination study how quickly immunity fades with the Pfizer-BioNTech jab. The Israeli health ministry found that a double-dose is just 39pc effective against delta infection. Immunity slides gradually and then falls off a cliff after five months or so. Beyond six months it drops to 16pc.
 Covid authoritarianism sweeps Europe – but the economy is saved

Quote:Infectious diseases experts say a greater focus on airborne transmission is needed to manage the spread of Covid but they have warned against the use of alarming language when describing the Delta variant. The New South Wales premier, Gladys Berijiklian, has described “scarily fleeting” encounters resulting in Delta spread in Sydney after CCTV revealed two people walking past each other at Bondi Junction Westfield transmitted the virus.
Covid Delta variant is ‘in the air you breathe’: what you need to know about Sydney outbreak strain | Health | The Guardian

Quote:Almost 80 per cent of the adult population has been fully vaccinated, one of the highest rates in the world, but more than 6,000 people tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, according to the health ministry. Nearly 650 people were in hospital and 400 of them were in serious condition, it said, without indicating how many had already been vaccinated.
Israel’s Covid infections surge as government rolls out booster shots | Financial Times

Quote:Today’s COVID aerosol transmission between children update - lessons from Victorian TTI: - rapid child to child seen all the way through - likely outdoor playground transmission - shared outdoor walk home from school #COVIDisAirborne just like measles
Twitter Johnson

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