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Looking for the new InterOil

Since we have an awsome braintrust gathered here, it is actually something of a waste to to limit it to one stock only, especially as there is a 'risk' that the company might be taken over (God forbid) or will ship to calmer waters post-deal. This is why we're taking the following initiative:

  • We ask you, to describe a stock and provide some rationale why this is a company with comparable potential to InterOil
  • This thread will be open for quite some time (weeks at least, perhaps a couple of months)
  • After we have enough interesting proposals we will hold a vote for the winning company
  • The winner can be moderator in the new forum (but isn't obligated to do this).

We will probably kick this off with our own suggestion pretty soon (the stock won't surprise many), but feel free to propose a particular stock, preferably with some solid rationale, that is, the possible rewards, but also the risks.

Where do you submit your proposal? In order to allow other members to reply and ask questions to your proposal, we've created its own forum for this contest (click here)



Nobody has suggested anything - so i'llthrow one out - International Frontier Resources - take a look and let me know what you think.


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