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interested to know this fact about Block family

William Block, Carson's dad and former employer, has been sued for misleading shareholders. This is an excerpt from one lawsuit against his dad;
"20. Defendant M.H. Meyerson & Co. is a stock brokerage firm.Defendant William Block ("Block"Wink is an analyst that works for M.H. Meyerson. During the Class Period, Block and M.H. Meyerson issued false and misleading reports on Quality Systems."

That came from Gunderson v Quality Systems, Ins, et al - 4/2/97

His dad worked for a pump and dump firm named MH Meyers who were in trouble with the SEC several times. In a recent post of mine I mentioned an article from The Wall Street Transcript (TWST) from May 8, 2000, where both Carson and his dad William were interviewed. The first strong buy pumped by dad was Rent-Way which then was caught by the SEC for a $60 million financial Fraud. Google Rentway and SEC and you can see for yourself. Carson's pick in that article was Tidel ATM machines sold off it's ATM business and none of that money went to shareholders. It all went to creditors. At that time his dad had his own firm named WAB capital.

This guy and his dad are both very unethical people who don't mind lying and ripping people off just to make money.

spread the words so people know who these guys are.


Well, lets not forget that Block JR did uncover some shady businesses before, the Sino Forrest thing especially seemed a very difficult thing to catch.

Just speculating here but it's noteworthy that his latest calls haven't gone so well (Toro's first article post MW counts it at 0 from 7), it could be that he put lots of time into stuff, didn't really get any smoking gun, but with eager customers to please went ahead and published anyway, something like that. Not saying that's good (far from it), but we can't take away that he made a few terrific calls earlier on. Or it could be that he's just milking his reputation (which I think was deserved until more recently).

I think he got lucky and caught onto the reverse mergers before everyone else. The reason being, he hasn't gotten one right other than that group.


Carson Block from Muddy Waters Research and Muddy Waters Capital  is indeed a Financial Terrorist! Let the word out! Check out these links:

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