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Starters kit for InterOil research

There is so much info, where to start?

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  • 1 Forrest // Sep 6, 2008 at 10:12 am

    Great site I will read it all this weekend.

    Great fan of your postings.
    Would like to exchange tips via email.
    I am not a professional trader/investor but I do make my living from it. (successfully)

    You know me as Binckbanker, Holland EU
    I have a background in Aviation (commercial and military) and Economics.

    It has always been my wish to form a group with members from different parts of the world that can inform the collective concerning views, sentiments, and investment opportunities.

    Example : a Dutch firm called ARCADIS has earned a big contract to design a levy system for New Orleans (after Katrina) (Dutch are famous for their designs) Nobody in US knows this, but the Dutch stock did go up.

    Ballot # 4 got shot down in Alaska making life a lot easier for starting mines like NAK (by far the largest GOLD/COPPER/MOLY mine in the world (trilllion usd potential) Huge miners like AAUK, Rio Tinto and MITSU have big stakes.
    NAK is an exploration co. wishing to sell the remaining holdings. Thanks to Ballot # 4 this will happen soon. stock pps 5/6 usd after deal North of 25 usd.

    IOC read up on this LNG play, will make you a rich man. etc. etc.

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