It Turns out Johan Cruyff will win the world cup after all..

Huh?! How’s that?

Well, he came close in 1974 himself, as will be endlessly repeated on every channel up till Sunday. But the final, Holland versus Barcelona+, will bear his strong imprint.

His mark on Holland is unique. The Netherlands didn’t exist as a football nation before Cruyff, who (and not Michels) was the originator of total football. Ever since, Holland has played in shades of that recognizable style, albeit, it has to be said, more faintly in this edition of the world cup.

Almost exactly the same can be said about Barcelona (apart from the fact that it did exist before Cruyff, but not in it’s present, entirely recognizable form), who fielded 7 out of 11 of the Spanish team that thrashed Germany.

Now, the outcome is also not hard to predict. Spain has the infinite advantage of having the core of a club team as the national side, with all the intricate automatisms and tacit understandings that brings.

Arguably, they also have the better players.

So it will be 2-0 to Barça, uhh, Spain.

You can always ask that German octopus, he’s been spot on so far..

Speaking about Germany, we were planning to say that they were already world-champions in the sense of having the most memorable impact by the way they played. That is, until they got comprehensively outplayed today, which marred their show quite a bit. As Cruyff has it, it’s not all about winning. Only one team can win, but all the others have an opportunity to shine and do themselves proud. The most memorable team from a championship is not necessarily the winner. Ask Cruyff..

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  1. More people are on the same track: [“Alvaro Reynolds makes a good point on the final: “Quick note in praise Johan Cryuff. He must be delighted to see his two countries in the final. He created/ refined the Ajax and Barça youth systems in his own image. He took over at Barça in 1988 and the club and the Spanish national team are now reaping the rewards of his philosophy. They should erect a statue of him in every town in Spain and Holland. I wonder who he is up for in the final (Holland, after all are playing nice football).”]

  2. My best friend’s wife was born in Holland and lived there her first 13 years, so that is good enough for me.

    Go Dutch!

  3. One way of looking at this World Cup final is to see it as Holland versus Holland.
    When Netherlands star Johan Cruyff became the coach of the Barcelona club team, he brought with him the kaleidoscopic Dutch way of playing and started a tradition that has carried through to this year’s World Cup team.,0,2205192.story

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