Ansys (ANSS) engineering software provides long-term growth opportunity

This company develops and globally markets engineering simulation software and technologies widely used by engineers and designers across a broad spectrum of industries, including aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, electronics, biomedical and defense. We think it is hitting support levels, and provides a long-term growth story that is still intact. 

We will do a more formal write-up later, but for now we want to show you how we’re hitting support levels.

You might notice that:

  1. 42 has been a resistance level twice, and also a support level twice
  2. 40 is even more important as a resistance/support level, and it’s also where the 200 day moving average is heading, so we expect this to provide something of a trading opportunity, markets permitting.

Below you see the long-term uptrend:

It’s comforting to see that the 200 day moving average usually provides solid support. We do not see much reason why this should be otherwise now.

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  1. You may want to look into rambus rulings coming down from the bench shortly which could propell the stock into the 30s

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