Investment Ideas from You..

Someone suggested we should provide space for that. We oblige..

You can post your ideas with as a comment to this page, and provide:

  • Investment suggestion
  • Date and current price
  • Target price
  • Reasons why it’s a good investment

Or, better still, do a complete write-up and send it to We’ll publish it (providing it’s not too outrageous).

4 thoughts on “Investment Ideas from You..”

  1. QBIC- Cubic Energy holds 12,ooo acres in the premier section of the prolific Haynesville shale. CHK and HK have brought in their most productive wells on acreage adjacent to the acreage. The company should be bought out in the next year for $5-7. Current price $1.45.

  2. Shamrock, a couple of questions to you:
    1) Doesn’t shale gas needs considerably higher prices to be profitable?
    2) What is their financial position, any debentures, cash shortages, and the like. Can they survive for some time to come?

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