6 thoughts on “InterOil from the boards November 24”

  1. Hey Friends: I’m willing to place a friendly bet here. Who’s interested? Harry? Stp? Ken? Darcy? Roger?What comes first Gov approval for the LNG facility or the shorts finally give up?2nd bet … over under on IOC price March 1st, my price is $85 Bet is drinks in Cairns.

  2. haha Janine, gov LNG approval or the shorts giving up? those idiots won’t cry uncle until the LNG plant is actually in production in 2015. So I definitely take gov LNG approval first!

    As for that second bet, that is a tough one. My gut tells me we have oil in commercial quantities by end of Dec, which should drive the pps nicely, but I am not sure if it will push it to 85 by itself in 3 months, maybe with an early Feb GS coverage it might.

    hmmm, for me, the x-factor is the off take deals. So, if we have commercial oil by end of Dec, I am guessing at least one off take signed by end of Feb but that might not be enough time to drive the pps over 85. Never the less, I say $88 by March 1st!

    Good luck to you, but I have to let you know I never lose a bet 😉

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