InterOil rumor

Although we cannot guarantee its accuracy, we’ve understood from otherwise reliable sources that Capital Research is “far from done” buying InterOil shares. At the end of last quarter (12/31) they had acquired just shy of 3M shares, or a 6.39% stake in InterOil (see here for a nice overview of the major holders).

That nice little overview shows that the company seems to have a rather loyal and patient investor base, with many large holders increasing their stake, most notably George Soros.

3 thoughts on “InterOil rumor”

  1. Keep the good news (even if it’s just a rumor) coming…I think they have to file a 13d if they manage to acquire more than 10% of the common. Soros had to file one of those back in early November. Need to keep an eye out for that filing.

  2. I believe that is 5%ownership that requires a filing ( or at least it used to be ). Thank you for your fine work.

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