One thought on “Morgan Stanley report on the global gas market”

  1. A gas company that can bring it’s product to market with the cheapest cost has a tremendous advantage. I think what some people still don’t get is the fact that, this advantage is amplified in a gas glut market. Morgan Stanley gets this.

    The quality of the product is also key – light & sweet, low co2, low sulf… I think the latest seismics though, may be what some are also underestimating in terms of importance. “Extremely excited” as per the cc.

    What are the chances that the Bwata and it’s immediate structures are in fact similar to Elk/Ant? The studies they are now interpreting are being done with the advantage of all the cumulative data on the horizontal drilling from Elk 2 . Then add all the previous readings from the logs and dst’s from all the previous wells. Repetition is the mother of skill – their ability to understand the seismics is improving. They are getting BETTER at this!!

    So…….( I know , just bear with me) – if this is another Elk/Ant, the possibility that this could be another Arun is really not that farfetched. If this is similar to Elk/Ant, your resources , (soon to become reserves), could easily double. Then there’s the rolodex… This area is one of the last frontiers on the planet. The best scuba diving in the world is here (Scuba Diving magazine). PNG has been described as a “Mountain of gold set on a sea of oil”
    Is the possibility of another Arun so far off? I think not. Where there is one there are usually others. Go back o few million years and picture it in your head…. How big is the Great Barrier reef?

    Now throw in the whole global situation with the middle east unrest and China’s dirty air….. and then there’s Japan.

    I think the article is well written and honest. The fact that they predict a gas glut for four years and are still praising IOC speaks for itself.

    It’s a truly great story, and a great ride – wouldn’t have missed it. I am a numbers guy… always have been – So, what is more difficult A.) to go from 75 cents a share to 75 dollars a share?, or B.) to go from 75 dollars a share to 750 dollars a share?
    Thanks again STP for all you do.
    Miss you Janine….. Harry

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