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  1. Given the recreational popularity of Viagra, which seems to pop on all sorts of
    unauthorized outlets online, the “Viagra condom” seems destined to
    achieve market penetration.
  2. The aide listened carefully as Bin Laden described to him his desired spouse: “She must be pious, dutiful, young [preferably aged 16-18], well mannered, from a decent family, but above all patient. She will have to endure my exceptional circumstances.”
  3. Aids vaccine effective in monkeys
  4. Footage has emerged of an angry passer-by pushing a suicidal man off a bridge
  5. Welcome to the future of instant translation
  6. The price of oil is so high that removing these tax breaks would likely have little to no effect on domestic oil production. There are other factors that make the U.S. a highly attractive place to drill: it’s politically stable, it has good roads and pipelines, and it’s the world’s biggest energy consumer.
  7. Why women should tell more lies (really??)
  8. Five signs you’re the problem
  9. Hmmm… so a country which embraces rather than offshores its manufacturing base can succeed?  One where labor has a substantial seat on the boards of its mega corporations?  A place where business and government work together in national goals – thinking out more than 1 election cycle?  A country where all policy is not based on which lobbying dollar of a multinational can create the most difficulty for small and medium sized business – or hollowing out as much of the middle class as possible?  Where taxes are “high”?  And “uncertainty” is rampant (3 of the 17 EU members are in some sort of bailout program)?  With unemployment rates below that of the States? And people still get 5-6 weeks a vacation a year?  Without running 10% annual deficits? (I wonder if 1 in 7 Germans are on food stamps?)  And with a rallying (dare I say “strong”) currency to boot?? These damn unflexible “socialists” – that’s no way to run a country….
  10. A Western Buena Vista Social Club