InterOil from the boards

Lots of stuff happening..

  1. Energy World Corporation of Australia is pushing through with its plan to put up a P2 billion liquefied natural gas terminal hub in Quezon after obtaining its environmental clearance certificate.
  2. In addition, by building the entire facility in a shipyard it should considerably reduce the cost versus the alternative of building onshore at what are often remote sites far from labour and support facilities. Global LNG demand reached 220 million tonnes in 2010. Demand is expected to double this decade and possibly treble between 2010 and 2030.
  3. The Department of Energy (DOE) said it anticipates a major push in the country’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) development program with the completion of a study by the World Bank (WB) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
  4. In april we had our FLNG project announced with Flex/Samsung. In December Petromin announce it’s approval of the Daewoo/Hoegh FLNG.
  5. India’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) imports will soar in the next decade to fuel its expanding economy, pitting the Asian giant against China and Japan for supplies as its domestic gas output struggles and overland delivery remains a pipe dream.
  6. Royal Dutch Shell PLC’s chief executive Peter Voser said the price of liquefied natural gas, or LNG, will depend on the development of the oil price, especially in Asia where the two commodities are linked.
  7. Oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell has announced a world-first in Perth by approving development of the Prelude floating LNG development in the Browse Basin.
  8. Chart 24, you might conclude that they think they have reefs at: 1. Bwata West 2. Seismosauru 3. Antelope 4. Big Horn 5. Wolverine 6. Tuna 7. Zebra 8. Mackeral (sic) 9. Tsoma Trend Anomalies
  9. The Pale and Subu sandstones are older than the Miocene limestone reef and; therefore, will be found deeper at a given location than the Puri and Mendi Miocene formations.
  10. Back in 2004 IOC had a prospect named Stegosaurus but I can no longer find it. Now we have we have Seismosaurus. I can only surmise that Stegosaurus was not large enough to adequately describe this prospect so they had to change the name of it to seismosaurus.
  11. Natural gas, not renewable energy, will supply the major share of incremental global energy requirements between now and 2030, the world’s biggest private-sector petroleum company forecasts.
  12. Platts says Japan needs 7-10 mtpa LNG in ST/MT just to replace lost nuke capacity. How many more mt/yr does Jobama need to replace a drying up ARUN, a shift from future nuclear power projects, and to feed a growing economy?
  13. Both projects (EWC and Flex/SHI) are still scheduled for sanction before year-end but “the ability to have a phased earlier FID is being reviewed pending bidder and cost-effective options” said Phil Mulacek.