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InterOil from the boards June 28

June 28th, 2011 · 2 Comments

A new crop, all 33 of them..

  1. European energy security: Lessons of 2011
  2. Global gas oversupply could vanish by next year
  3. “Japan will compete hard against European countries and South Korea to procure fuel for heating equipment. The price will begin to rise in autumn and could reach nearly $20.”
  4. More on Flex, presentations, financial statements
  5. So for $2B, $80+ to $120+ billion of value will be unlocked…
  6. And where it comes from
  7. New presentation from Flex LNG
  8. Impact of PNG LNG project
  9. And some milestones
  10. EWC receives finance for Indonesian plans
  11. Bright future for LNG
  12. The Gulf’s development plan
  13. Part II
  14. IPI partners participate in Bwata
  15. Some background on that
  16. More on Bwata
  17. AGM perspective
  18. And another one
  19. Some background on the motives of the shorts
  20. MS panel notes
  21. Part II
  22. Part III
  23. Part IV
  24. MS panel, some from Elliot
  25. Encana, Petrochina call off shale gas deal
  26. Problems with Australian LNG projects
  27. Dept of Petroleum working on IOC’s project
  28. InterOil underrepresenting it’s resources and prospects
  29. List of 56 prospects. If you look on pages 11 and 12 of the printed 2010 Annual Report you will see maps of IOC’s licensed areas along with the name and location of all of their identified prospects. I believe this is the first time this information has been intentionally published or made available without a lot of digging.
  30. “In an announcement that triggered a selloff in several LNG-related stocks, Woodside chief executive Peter Coleman revealed that the first delivery of gas from Pluto would be six months later than promised, while costs would soar by $900 million to $14.9 billion.”
  31. Re. EWC financing, EWC is finalizing or has finalized the surveying, testing, selection decision, and documentation between two alternative LNG plant locations, which was the primary thing still needed by the banks already lined up. I think they are very, very close.
  32. The shallow core holes in Subu-1 and Subu-2 had good “residual” oil shows but no moveable oil. This is just an indication that these sands might contain oil if and when they are penetrated in a deeper area where a trap is formed and the hydrocarbons are under pressure. Most of the Pale/Subu prospects are in PPL 238.
  33. The Department of Petroleum and Energy is under staffed, out of money
    and has too much on its plate to do anything quickly, such as preparing
    paperwork for new licenses to be granted for hydrocarbon projects in the

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  • 1 Harold Chamberlin // Jun 28, 2011 at 12:00 pm

    My coffee always tastes better when sitting down to a fresh “interoil from the Boards”. Thanks STP, it’s such a pleasure not to have to wade through all the bs from the shorts. Hope all is well with you & yours, Harry.

  • 2 Palmducks // Jul 1, 2011 at 2:51 am

    Agree Harold! I think those shorts are getting very nervous these days. They are down to a very few points they even want to argue. When they get to arguing about websites not being updated, Grand Rapids being a bad place to hold the AGM, a “contingent financing package”, we know they are on the run.

    Now that they are resorting back to arguing the resource again, it’s a good sign.

    Thanks stp for keeping this great library of info that can be accessed to refresh the information “ammo”, and allow a break from the “noise”.