4 thoughts on “Henry Aldorf’s presentation to the PNG government”

  1. Reading this presentation made my day:

    1. Synergies off the charts with EWC and Flex
    2. Work commencing as though FID complete
    3. Reiterated over and over that FID by end of year
    4. The IOC partner list is impressive indeed
    5. Outlined that there is more than just a PDL to reach FID
    6. The presentation exudes confidence

    IMHO, do not sell this stock for the next 3 years if your personal situation permits. I just recently took steps to ensure my IOC stock is safe for many years to come.

    Health and Happiness,

  2. Is the gov’t stable enough for all the paper work to be completed on time? Ioc is ready but is the GOV’T? Please address that STP

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