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Participate! Here’s how

Dear Reader,

Many people have asked us over the years, and we now finally have introduced the possibility of message board participation. You can find that at the top of the right column (there is already one forum, predictably about InterOil). Some stuff to consider:

  1. You’ll have to register, you can do that by writing to, providing a message board ID (of your own choosing), name, surname and email address (or the one from the mail will be used). You’ll will be notified when your account will be activated
  2. As of yet, it’s not possible to introduce new forums (there is an InterOil forum, for obvious reasons), this is still a work in progress and we expect to introduce additional features, like the possibility to introduce new forums. Within the existing InterOil forum it is possible to introduce new topics.
  3. If you can’t wait for that, send us a request with a new forum topic, we’ll set it up for you.
  4. Of course, rules of civilization apply. Keep it to topic at hand, don’t make it personal, keep it civil, violations can lead to removal of post and/or poster.
  5. Comments and suggestions welcome, at

Happy posting,

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