BroadVision sell-off $9 in a couple of minutes

Holding the hot potato?

Being long in BVSN simply isn’t a good idea. Their business has shrunk for 10 years, they’re loss making, the only thing that has been going on is a massive touting campaign by Jonathan Lebed and the NIA. But there are many insiders who know the shares aren’t worth anywhere near the present market cap:

  • The CEO owns 36% of the stock (5% directly and 31% through Honu Holdings LLC) – about 1.6 million shares.
  • Marlin Capital owns 5.5% (filing on 21 September 2011, the exact same day Lebed started pumping BVSN on his personal website)
  • Palo Alto Investors owns 6.3%, flied on September 30 of last year
  • The associates (referrer and client) mentioned by Lebed and NIA in their disclaimers

Some of these was selling a little and took the stock almost 10 points lower in minutes. It’s rebounding, but don’t expect that to last.