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Destiny Media, groundfloor opportunity

August 24th, 2012 · No Comments

Our new conviction recommendation, already up 30% in a couple of days..

Destiny Media Technologies Provides A Ground Floor Opportunity

August 23, 2012  | 4 comments  |  about: DSNY.OB

Destiny Media Technologies (DSNY.OB) is a technology company based in Vancouver, Canada. The shares are listed in the U.S. as well. It has one dominating product (Play MPE), which already generates positive cash flow. That product has just been upgraded and still has a lot of upside.

The company uses the cash flow it generates from its existing product to fund the development of a potential break-through product (Clipstream G2). A public prototype went live on August 22.

The company has no debt, it is profitable and generates positive cash flow. Intrigued? We were, when we got to know the company, so let us introduce it. At $40M market cap, we believe this is a truly low-risk, ground-floor opportunity.

What does it do?
It has a product, play MPE that, at present, generates 95% of its revenues. Play MPE is:

… a digital delivery service for moving broadcast audio, video, images, promotional information, and other digital content through the Internet. Its Play MPE is used by the recording industry for transferring pre-release broadcast music, radio shows, and music videos to trusted recipients, such as radio stations, media reviewers, VIP’s, DJ’s, film and TV personnel, sports stadiums, and retailers. [Yahoo]

And they have a new, potential break-through product called Clipstream. The breakthrough is the fact that it enables streaming media without a player, streaming servers, conversion cost, and all the while increasing resource efficiency (necessary bandwidth use) up to tenfold.

Their website is excellent, it provides many research reports and presentations which explain how the products work and what the advantages are. [Read on here]

There is much more info in our DSNY forum

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