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December 16th, 2012 · No Comments

Links for 12/16. Remarkable indeed!

BBC News – Alcohol dependency: When social drinking becomes a problem

Google Nexus 4 – the most-wanted Xmas gift no-one can buy – Opinion – Trusted Reviews

We’ll All Miss Unions When They’re Gone | The New Republic

The Web of Things: A web-connected world of smart devices | TechRepublic

4 smokin’ hot startups: The next tech boom | The Industry Standard – InfoWorld

The 14 most influential smartphones ever – InfoWorld

U.S. oil prices could sink to $50 – Dec. 11, 2012

Should Alaska Export More LNG to Asia? – Energy TribuneEnergy Tribune

Russia Faces Economy Trap as Oil Decline Looms – Energy TribuneEnergy Tribune

How Oodles Of Renewables Would Give Us Cheaper Electricity | Earthtechling

Fracking shifts global energy balance

New knowledge about the remarkable properties of black holes

Engineers develop new magnetoelectric computer memory

Japanese researchers build robot with most humanlike muscle-skeleton structure yet (w/ video)

Basel III And Gold – Seeking Alpha

The Man Who Occupied the Fed: How Charles Evans Saved the Recovery – Matthew O’Brien – The Atlantic

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: An interview on Europe, globalization, and the future of the Eurozone

Dani Rodrik’s weblog: More on manufacturing convergence

How big is the Budget Hole?

BBC News – Warning to cut TV for young children

Connecticut shooting: no longer do I ask ‘how can this happen again?’ | Tom Mauser | Comment is free |

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