Links for 12/30. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news..

Europe, Globalization and the Future of the Eurozone
BBC News – How India treats its women
On the Economics and Politics of Deficits
Ben Bernanke’s Secret Message to Congress: More Stimulus, Please – Matthew O’Brien – The Atlantic

Should Buddhist Meditation Make You Happy? – Robert Wright – The Atlantic

How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy – Kathleen McAuliffe – The Atlantic

Video – Christmas Econ Lesson: You Can Buy Happiness (If You Know How) – The Atlantic

EU Summit Reveals a Paralyzed Continent – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Photo Gallery: The Best News Photos of 2012 – SPIEGEL ONLINE – International

Better Than Human | Gadget Lab |

BBC News – A Point of View: The British vomitorium

In an economy not so far, far away –

America’s Deceptive 2012 Fiscal Cliff | Michael Hudson

DailyTech – China’s Turns on World’s Longest High Speed Rail Conduit

DailyTech – China Tries to Fix Solar Panel Problems with Mergers, Reduced Gov. Support

Will a Robot Take Your Job? : The New Yorker

Revealed: how the FBI coordinated the crackdown on Occupy | Naomi Wolf | Comment is free |

Zit-Zapping Viruses | Health & Family |

Greg Mankiw Says We Have to Tax the Middle Class More | Beat the Press

Jeffrey Sachs: Going Over the Cliff Is the Only Way to Save the Government

Why There Was No Fiscal Cliff Deal This Week

The Top 10 Gold Stocks for 2013: Part 1 (SAND)

John Maynard Keynes, the conservative – Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Piers Morgan: Deport me? If America won’t change its crazy gun laws I may deport myself | Mail Online

Best of 2012: Cartels Are an Emergent Phenomenon, Say Complexity Theorists | MIT Technology Review