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March 11th, 2013 · No Comments

Links for 3/11. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news. Is red wine really healthy, are global temperatures near an 11000 year peak, the launch of Dog TV, the depression in household incomes in the US, mutant rats plaguing Teheran to such an extent that they use army snipers to combat them, and other interesting and remarkable stories.

Global Average Temperatures Are Close to 11,000-Year Peak: Scientific American

Red Wine’s Link to Health Gains Support: Scientific American

Credit in the euro area: Still crunching | The Economist

Investors Seek Ways to Profit From Global Warming – Businessweek

Skype’s Been Hijacked in China, and Microsoft Is O.K. With It – Businessweek

BBC News – Dog TV is launched in Israel for home alone pets

Household Incomes Remain Depressed Post-Recession |

DailyTech – Injured Man has 75 Percent of His Skull Replaced by Printed Plastic

DailyTech – Leaked Images, Specs of Samsung Galaxy S IV Hit the Web

DailyTech – Iran Deploys Snipers to Combat Cat-Sized “Mutant” Rats

Japan to Begin Test Production for Frozen Gas Locked in Seabed – Bloomberg

Fujifilm Touch Screen Poised to Aid Microsoft Vs. Apple – Bloomberg

Why Hugo Chavez Was Bad for Venezuela – The Daily Beast

Bridgewater May Be the Hottest Hedge Fund for Harvard Grads, but It’s Also the Weirdest – The Daily Beast

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