Links for 3/29. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news. The ECB’s blunder, mother’s face 300 questions a day from their children (“Why is water wet?”), S&P going to 1750, the end of oil, how Samsung became the no.1 smartphone maker in the world, and lots more..

The Biggest Cyber Attack In History Is Taking Place Right Now – Yahoo! Finance

Killer dogs’ owner unlikely to face prosecution – Telegraph

Cyprus has finally killed myth that EMU is benign – Telegraph

Remember: A Country Is Not a Company – Stephen Kinsella – Harvard Business Review

Scientists unravel genetic causes of prostate, breast and ovarian cancer | Science | The Guardian

Mario Draghi’s Economic Ideology Revealed?

Sixteen sweet tips to make you a more successful investor

Why Not Invest In Stocks? – Seeking Alpha

Home sweet tax shield – how the Dutch do property | FT Alphaville

Is the end of the oil era nigh? | FT Alphaville

Mothers asked nearly 300 questions a day, study finds – Telegraph


Classic YouTube | Diego Maradona’s warm-up wonders |

DailyTech – Vitamin E Can Fight Cancer, But Dietary Vitamin E Doesn’t Do the Trick

DailyTech – Bill Gates: Create a Condom Men Will Use Over No Condom At All

Median Household Income Down 7.3% Since Start of Recession –

CONVERSABLE ECONOMIST: Falling Labor Share of Income

How Samsung Became the World’s No. 1 Smartphone Maker – Businessweek