Links for April 2. The best stories in economics, energy, investing and other remarkable news. War on savers? The dizzying downfall of a diva. Five small caps that could grow into large caps. We’re surrounded by 2000 rogue black holes and lots more..
With the Railroad Boom, You’d Expect Overpriced Stocks: Think Again

Karate spinning kick ends bout in spectacular style – video | Sport |

Rise of Dark-Pool Trading Concerns Regulators –

Economics will catch up with the euro –

James Surowiecki: The “War on Savers” Myth : The New Yorker


BBC News – Making a new life after 20 years of false imprisonment

BBC News – How much gold is there in the world?

Dionne Warwick: dizzying downfall of a bankrupt diva – Telegraph

Five small caps that could grow into the large caps of tomorrow

Sony gets in your face with upgraded personal 3D viewer | Crave – CNET

Don’t freak out, but our galaxy might be surrounded by 2,000 rogue black holes

The capital controls in Cyprus and the Icelandic experience | vox

Germany-Greece solar agreement will boost Greek solar production

Current Solar Module Efficiency Nowhere Near Its Potential, Especially Thin-Film Solar & CPV (Chart) | CleanTechnica

Republicans’ New Welfare Queens | New Republic

MOOCs: Will Online Education Ruin the University Experience? | New Republic

Dutch consensus for austerity starts to crack –

Suntech’s Bankruptcy Means Dark Times for Solar Innovation | MIT Technology Review