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May 25th, 2013 · No Comments

Remarkable indeed. Dark pools, the looming BRIC’s crisis, the crash in solar prices, the financial crisis as a giant bank carry trade, dilapidating infrastructure, Wall Street bets on solar stocks, how the x-box opens the field for Apple TV and other remarkable stories..

SOLAR POWER: Photovoltaic panels beating other technologies : Environment

Innovation could bring flexible solar cells, transistors

Utilities Want Higher Charges To Shade Business Model From Solar | CleanTechnica

Philippines cemetery provides Manila’s poor a place to live among the dead | World news | The Guardian

FRB: FEDS Abstract 2013-32

The banking crisis as a giant carry trade gone wrong | vox

BRICS risk ‘sudden stop’ as dollar rally builds – Telegraph

The Collapse Of Infrastructure Spending In One Chart – Business Insider

Bridge Collapse In Washington State – Business Insider

‘Shareholder Value’ Is Ruining America – Business Insider

How Xbox One opens the door for the next Apple TV | TV and Home Theater – CNET Reviews

Wall Street Bets Big on This Solar Stock (FSLR, SPWR)

Solar Power’s Massive Price Drop (Graph) | CleanTechnica

BBC News – Who, what, why: How safe are US road bridges?

The Long-Term Costs of the Sequester Battle in America – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Solar Road Panels Offer Asphalt Alternative – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Behavioral Investing Matters – Business Insider

The Argument Against Dark Pools – Business Insider

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