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June 7th, 2013 · No Comments

Intel’s Haswell a game changer? Are migrants better workers? One in five middle aged workers are millionaires in the UK. The decline of France. Japan now the biggest solar market. Ten financial scams. Six stocks for a short-squeeze. The ECB bond buying revisited and more remarkable stories from the web.

ECB To Launch EU-Wide Audit Of Bank’s Balance Sheets | Zero Hedge

What is Intel Haswell? 5 reasons why you should care – Opinion – Trusted Reviews

Japan tests 310mph bullet train – Telegraph

John Bercow: migrants are better workers – Telegraph

Property prices turn one in five middle aged workers into paper millionaires – Telegraph

Economic Decline in France: The Failed Leadership of Hollande – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Merkel Challenger Steinbrück Criticizes Her Foreign Policy – SPIEGEL ONLINE

The Land Of The Rising Sun Is Now The Biggest Solar Market In The World – Business Insider

Making Sense of Valuation Multiples: Five Common Gotchas

Five signs it’s time to dump a stock

BBC News – Honda races to build 130Mph lawnmower for Top Gear team

The European Central Bank’s deterrent: Bench press | The Economist

Classic Cons: 10 Financial Scams Fair-Minded Investors Should Avoid – Money Morning

Five stocks primed for a short squeeze

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