Remarkable stories from the web in a new, easier format. Portugal isn’t Greece. Global market valuations. Abeconomics fourth arrow misfires. The next China. JP Morgan’s extensive take on the markets. Why many Japanese lock themselves up for years and other remarkable stories from the web..

David Kelly and the market strategy team at J.P. Morgan Asset Management have built the best presentation on the state of the markets and the economy we have seen so far. The charts offer an elegant and in-depth look at everything.

JP Morgan Funds Q3 Guide To The Markets – Business Insider

Not a repeat of “Greece 2012”. The resignation on Tuesday of the Portuguese Foreign Affairs Minister (and leader of the junior coalition party) has opened up a serious political crisis in Portugal. Political uncertainty is likely to be sustained for some time, and there may well be elections in September. But the current situation is not a repeat of “Greece 2012”, says Christel Aranda-Hassel of Citigroup in a new note titled “Portugal is Not Greece”.

Portugal is Not Greece Says Credit Suisse

SocGen has some great charts on global market valuations. We have done some articles on the topic looking at Europe, SocGen looks at many other countries. Before starting with PE to measure global market valuations, SocGen notes that earnings growth has been very weak.

Global Market Valuations: P/E, P/B, Dividend Yields

Japan has had quite a lot of experience with both stimulus and tax hikes, which makes it far easier to forecast what might happen if the Fourth Arrow is indeed shot from Abe’s bow in the near future than it might be in a different country.

Is Abe’s fourth arrow economic hari-kiri? | FT Alphaville

The Next China is now at hand. Yet the United States remains fixated on the Old China, unprepared for major transformation in the world’s second largest economy.

Get Ready For The Next China

As many as a million young people in Japan are thought to remain holed up in their homes – sometimes for decades at a time. Why?

BBC News – Hikikomori: Why are so many Japanese men refusing to leave their rooms?

Since 2009, the costs involved with fuel-cell vehicles have fallen. The prototypes that GM and Toyota built a few years ago cost well over $1 million each. Now Toyota says its goal is to sell its fuel-cell sedan for less than $100,000.

Why Toyota and GM Are Pushing Fuel-Cell Cars to Market | MIT Technology Review

Lately, however, fears about growing public debt have caused wholesale cuts in American public investment. The Germans, of course, yield to no one in their distaste for indebtedness. But they also understand the distinction between consumption and investment. By borrowing, they’ve made investments whose future benefits will far outweigh repayment costs.

Austerity Won’t Work if the Roof Is Leaking –

Private sector employment in the United States is growing at about the same rate it did during the best days of the last decade. The difference is in the government. It continues to shed workers.

The Lagging Public Sector –

How Competitive Is China? Newly developed indicators suggest eroding international competitiveness.

Econbrowser: How Competitive Is China?

Living to 150 will largely be a result of better medicine. Gene therapy is already on track to cure disease. It has the capacity to repair mitochondrial disease before birth. A century or more from now, it will likely have made cancer a thing of the past, as well as other genetic disorders ranging from cystic fibrosis to muscular dystrophy.

What Will the World Be Like 150 Years from Now? : Discovery News