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The euro zone’s policy makers are set to launch the next salvo in a move to push down euro’s value, said Jens Nordvig, global head of foreign-exchange strategy at Nomura and the author of “The Fall of the Euro.”

Is the euro the next currency battleground?

Ballet dancers develop differences in their brain structures to allow them to perform pirouettes without feeling dizzy, a study has found.

BBC News – Ballet dancers’ brains ‘adapt to spins’

Some diners believe the more an animal suffers before it dies, the tastier its meat, which may explain the brutal way dogs are killed in Vietnam

How eating dog became big business in Vietnam | World news | The Guardian

But it’s now clear that Congress can’t operate smoothly, and even a conclusive national election won’t break the cycle of dysfunction. That’s why I’m rooting for a shutdown and you should be, too—at this point, it’s the safest way to jolt Washington back to its senses.

Why I’m Rooting for a Government Shutdown – Businessweek

While all those new iPhone sales send Apple’s (AAPL) profit forecasts sailing past previous estimates, one big reason isn’t getting much attention: The company charges four times the going rate for extra file-storage space… Its memory premium extends to the iPad—a 128GB version of the tablet costs $799, $300 more than a 16GB model.

Apple’s Memory-Price Markup for iPhones, iPads Swells Its Profit – Businessweek

There are now hundreds of free courses available online, which can vary significantly in quality. That makes it essential to pick the right course. We’ve found some of the most fascinating, highly regarded, and useful courses around, taught by some of the most accomplished professors at the best schools in the world.

Best Online Courses To Take – Business Insider

JP Morgan’s Tom Lee expects the S&P 500 to rally to at least 1,775 by the end of the year… With this in mind, Lee identified 21 stocks with attractive valuations and high free cash flow. Each stock is rated overweight by JPM’s analysts and offer at least 10% upside. They also have price/earnings ratios based on next-twelve month (NTM) earnings of under 12.8.

JPMorgan: Tom Lee’s 21 Attractive Stocks – Business Insider

The sequester has pulled some teachers from classrooms and police from the streets. It has grounded Air Force planes and docked Navy ships. The Forest Service had 500 fewer “hot shots” to battle summer wildfires. And as many as 140,000 low-income families may not get housing assistance that was once available.

How The Sequester Hurts America – Business Insider

He works for the Diamond Bachelors’ Agency, a Shanghai outfit which has hundreds of wealthy single men looking for wives on its books. The joining fees range from £15,000 to more than £1m ($1.6m) a year depending on the level of service required.

BBC News – China’s ‘love hunters’ seek brides for picky billionaires

In essence, though, it refers to the idea that unscrupulous elites are hurting the interests of a virtuous majority. The public seems to think there is something rotten in the establishment.

A new populism is shaping politics in Britain and beyond –

Extraordinary research from Japan shows that chimpanzees are way ahead of humans in complex memory tests

How chimps are making monkeys out of humans… | Science | The Observer

But compromises, trade-offs, and, yes, unintended consequences have been part of every reform in American history. The minimum wage and child labor laws took money out of the pockets of employers. Social Security raised taxes on workers. Today, Americans cherish those programs because the good far outweighs the bad—because what the country gained, in economic security, health, and freedom, more than made up for what it lost. The same standard should apply today.

Obamacare Exchanges Start Tuesday, Oct. 1. Here’s Why They’re Worth It | New Republic

So the amazing thing is how the idea that the emergence of growth after years of stagnation proves austerity was just fine could gain a moments traction. Do not get me wrong. There are some arguments in favour of austerity that should be seriously debated. But this is not one of them. Instead the argument is just silly. So how can people get away with making it?

mainly macro: Austerity, growth and being economical with the truth